Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sen. Manny Pacquiao may have lost but brings honor to country

Netizen paid homage to Senator Manny Pacquiao for not only being a genuine public servant, but for being the Philippine’s hero since he came into the boxing scene.

In the Facebook page UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with AUDOROY, Pacquiao’s humble beginnings were described to recall how he was an ordinary citizen before he stepped into the spotlight of boxing.

As the page says, Pacquiao did not let his “ordinariness” hinder him from making big leaps and milestones in life. As he succeeded in boxing and won the favour of the people, Pacquaio soon entered politics.

The page argued that while eloquence and quality of educational background used to be a consideration for who was going to have a seat in Congress, the page shared how it eventually realized that a “genuine desire” to be a public servant was what really matters.

Pacquiao may be lacking in eloquence and education, but his sincere public service puts him on a pedestal and makes him a better public servant than some of his colleagues who are only in Congress for personal gain.

Even if Pacquiao lost in his recent boxing match against Jeff Horn, the page emphasized that Pacquaio remains a hero in the eyes of the Filipinos.

In its full post on Facebook, the page says,


THE BOXER. "I am just a poor though my story is seldom told. I have squandered my resistance for pocketful of mumbles such as promises. All lies and jest .. Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."

HE FOUGHT AND HE LOST.... AND THIS IS A BIT OF HIS STORY........ He used to be a NOBODY , so ordinary just like anybody. Yet he did not allow his ordinariness to define his destiny. He allowed not his being poor then to kill that dream, the dream to become somebody, as someone to be looked upon. HE STRUGGLED MOST PROBABLY as he climbed up, boxing his way, blow by blow in the proverbial ladder of success. Every punch, every cut was a step towards that ultimate fulfillment of such a dream. AND HE DID AND MADE IT

ACCOUNTS of his life were told bits by bits, of the people he had helped and inspired, of good deeds done to countless many others and he is popular and famous AND YET HE REMAINS HUMBLE AS HIS BEGINNING. Wealth and power has not corrupted his resolve, and both have neither turned him into the likes of DRILON, LAGMAN to name just two.


Every time he won his fight, most FILIPINOS would jump up in jubilation, celebrating a victory transcending anonymity. His win would enkindle in everyone the sense of national pride, that a FILIPINO could be what we are, only if we fight for what we deserve. AND HIS LIFE IS A PHENOMENAL EXAMPLE OF A CLICHED FROM RAGS TO RICHES STORY that has expired many to fight for their dreams ... that nothing is impossible to those who believe in their dreams and strive to make them real.

HONESTLY I got my doubts when the man decided to run for public office. Surely, I have high regards to all positions of elected seats, much more than the august halls of Congress. I would always think of the Senate as a training school for would be president and might think still the same to this day. AND YET THE PRESENT DAY POLITICS WOULD SMASH MY OLD SCHOOL UNDERSTANDING OF THE ESSENTIALS OF GOVERNANCE, THAT I THOUGHT ELOQUENCE AND EDUCATIONAL PREPAREDNESS WOULD BE ENOUGH ... BUT LATELY, I LEARNED IT IS BY THE GENUINE DESIRE OF A PUBLIC SERVANT, ONE WHOSE HEART BEATS FOR THE LESS FORTUNATE MEMBERS OF SOCIETY. And other than the president Manny PACQUIAO has it.

HE MIGHT GROPE FOR WORDS TO SAY IN ENGLISH and could not tackle DRILON in a verbal exchange of ideas but his heart expresses the purest intent of the public service. He might have his shares of flaws and shortcomings, but he stands on the side of the poor. It could be quite premature to say though, and yet his political maneuverings are supportive of the president's good intentions. For doing so, MANNY has won my admiration and that of many othets. His moves were precised and had generated favorable results.

ONE MORE TIME YOU FOUGHT AND LOST but your lost did not matter. BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL THE SAME WHO HAD BROUGHT HONOR TO THIS COUNTRY. One idiot might be happy, the goner JIM PAREDES, yet in the heart of the many you remain the hero. Personally, I might not like it, that as a senator you are as well a boxer, but your lost might have saddened me though. Or this might be the right time to focus on another path which you had already chosen ... BE THE SENATOR AND DO GOOD, A LOT OF GOOD.

"IN the clearing stands a boxer. And a fighter by his trade. And He carries the remainders of every glove that laid him down. And cut him till he cried out in his anger and in his pain. I am leaving I am leaving. BUT THE FIGHTER STILL REMAINS. STILL REMAINS."

Source: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with AUDOROY Facebook page

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