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Sen. Hontiveros snubbed former Sen. Miriam Santiago’s sister during wake

The late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s sister who has become a social media personality relayed her experience during Santiago’s wake when she encountered Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Paula Defensor Knack recalled how Hontiveros snubbed her during the wake of Santiago after Knack greeted her with a hello. A look of embarrassment came across Hontiveros when she noticed other senators greeted Knack.

Knack shared that this was not the first time she had seen Hontiveros’ show of arrogance. In another instance at Capitol Medical when Knack was lined up along with other mothers, Hontiveros had merely passed by their group even when they smiled to greet her.

Put off by her snobbish disposition, Knack went on to point out Hontiveros’ ineligibility for the senatorial and even as a board member in Philhealth back in 2013 when the controversy over illegal bonuses for Philhealth employees started.

Even as Hontiveros tries to package herself as another Santiago by heading Youth Resist and Akbayan Youth, but Knack warns that this will only result in a dark revolution.

Additionally, the senator’s track record as Philhealth board member is marred by her shameless self-advertising only a month after her appointment, and up until now she has not disclosed to the public where the funds came from. 

Besides the illegal bonuses during her term, Hontiveros is also held in question after Philhealth suffered millions of debts after she left considering that she was quick to advertise herself early into her appointment.

In Knack’s full post on Facebook, she said,


When Sen. Miriam died, I took the quickest flight from Europe.  Upon arrival, I  rushed from the international airport in Manila, took a quick shower, then off to the cathedral all by myself. I brought only simple black blouses and trousers for the wake. Hardly wore makeup to the wake because my right eye was swollen after the flight.  

Our family was shocked and grieving at the cathedral. We were all shocked because we thought Sen. Miriam would be able to pull through.  I went to the cathedral in Quezon City and greeted everyone. I was escorted by the ushers to the front row towards the end of the Mass. The senators were there.  I passed in front of Hontiveros and said “Hello”. I was standing right in front of her and I thought I would shake her hand, but she looked at me, and then moved her head towards the front as if I had disturbed her  – not a word.  Then, the reporters recognized me and TV cameras started rolling and lights for cameras from photographers started flashing. Some of the reporters were with Sen. Miriam way back her CID days when I was her volunteer assistant for the summer and they were waving at me.  Sen. Ralph Recto greeted me with a smile, so did Sens. JV Ejercito, and Sen. Guingona. Then I heard my name being called  - it was the Senate President – Sen. Koko Pimentel and lights for TV cameras flooded our area and we were enveloped in bright light. Hontiveros looked anxiously towards me – realizing  I must be someone related to the late senator.  But she never greeted me.  I was in the bench right in front of her – nothing.  Sen. Koko Pimentel kissed me twice , when I arrived, and when he was about to leave. So did other senators. Nothing from Hontiveros. 

What a weird woman.

This is not the first time she did this.

In 1991 or 1992,   she did the same thing to us. We were all mothers in the pediatrician Dr Ludan’s clinic at Capitol Medical with our babies. We were all seated in the waiting area, and Hontiveros came, went straight to my friend the nurse. We all smiled at her, no reaction. To her – we didn’t exist. She seemed too preoccupied with her own self. All other people around her didn’t matter. The mothers and I looked at each other and were amused – this woman is weird ! Then someone said : “Ayaw nya eh.. eh di wag....”, everyone laughed.

That was the first time.

The second time, she did it again ! This time, with a different set of mothers and babies. I told myself I wont talk to this woman ever. However, when I passed in front of her during Sen. Miriam’s wake, coming from Europe I deemed it proper to acknowledge the presence of senators who took time to travel to Quezon City and be with our family during the Mass for my sister. But again, there was no response at all from the weird Hontiveros.  There is something wrong wtih her.<br> <br> Does this woman have a problem ?

She is now trying to imitate Sen. Miriam by having her own YouthResist and Akbayan Youth. De Lima also imitated Sen. Miriam and ended up in jail.  But if Hontiveros is the woman who is to lead the youth, the future is dark. She is leading us towards a mass movement for revolution, the overthrow of government with no bright prospect thereafter.  And revolution has not removed graft and corruption in our government. It has even worsened plunder. 

And talk about Philhealth. What credentials did she have in a health insurance company ? She started advertising herself 1 month after she was appointed, a few months before elections and lied in her Facebook Page as to her year of appointment, which we posted in my FB sites. How could any level-minded activist advertise herself in a health insurance company, 1 month after appointment and not even prove to the public where the funds came from ?  Considering that Philhealth contributions are automatically deducted from salaries, what is there to advertise ? Right after she left Philhiealth, the company could not pay hospitals claims for hundreds of millions. It declared bonuses when there were pending obligations, contrary to COA rules. The bonuses were just right in time for Hontiveros appointment. 

Everyone was complaining about her TV Ads, but COMELEC did nothing !! Sen. Miriam detested the blind eye of COMELEC to all TV ads of govt. officials under several pretexts of being an "infomercial."You know in your conscience it is not.

However, Hontiveros appears to have committed malversation, not just electioneering.

Someone should put her behind bars.

In Netherlands, I saw her TV ads where pakembot-kembot syang nag-aadvertise ng Philhealth. WTH ?! Is this a real activist ? If she is, why does she go with plunderers ?  What kind of political butterfly would switch from Akbayan to the Liberal Party which was saddled by too many plunder issues ? Someone who has a capitalist orientation, thats what.

She says she fought for the FOI Law. But has she ever produced the contracts &amp; payments for her advertisements starting one month after her appointment which we have all been asking on social media ? NO.   We have a pending FOI request.  She is the very opposite of what she is saying.  She has become utterly repulsive !. 

Her interview on rebellion or invasion is classic. This is what happens when an ordinary news reader who is not a lawyer, becomes a senator.  She was a member of the NDF peace panel , the crime was rebellion, and she does not even know it ! This is how to be laughing stock forever. Too much air, no substance.

My observations about her, in 1991/92 at Dr. Ludan’s clinic hold true today – nearly 30 years after. This time, first impressions have been actually proven right. This woman cannot be a friend of mine.  You greet her, she treats you like you dont deserve a reply. So I give that back to you NOW !  An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. You are dealing with Sen. Miriam’s sister, and you are NOT THE ONLY ACTIVIST in the world !  In the world’s center for peace and justice, The Hague, the likes of you are nothing.  Too arrogant, too little substance. .I shall always put you in your proper place ! You dont deserve to be senator, by any measure !  Too arrogant for a first time senator who lost so many elections and had to cling to plunderers for money. You are a freak show all by yourself."

Source: Facebook / Paula Defensor Knack

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