Thursday, July 27, 2017

Renato Reyes Jr: "We don't get paid for our work. Isang taon nang butas at tumutulo ang bubong namin. "

Bayan Secretary General and tagged as a consistent rallyist Renato Reyes Jr. sarcastically thanks his bashers for creating a retrospective informative about him that detailed his protest life. 

Reyes even argued that it was not “rally is life” for him, but rather “activism is life” where he shared how he and his colleagues would pursue legislation, legal action, causes, and other action-oriented movements that would forward his cause. 

Lamented by netizens for being allegedly too rich to quit protesting and live out life, Reyes was quick to counter that back home they often had to patch up the holes on their ceiling and other necessities.

The Bayan Secretary General admits to having joined rallies since he was a college freshman at 16 years old.  While he does not receive income from his rallies, Reyes says he is proud of his activism.

Even if trolls and haters around, Reyes intends to pursue his agenda for the people and shout on the streets.

In his full post on Facebook, Reyes said, 

"Salamat sa mga trolls na gumawa ng Renato Reyes Retrospective (Through the Years). Na-touch naman ako sa inyo hahaha. Timing din kasi 25th year ko na sa mass movement. I started when I was 16 while I was a freshman in UP.  It's been an eventful and difficult journey and I would not have it any other way. This is the life we have chosen. We don't get paid for our work. Anyone who says otherwise, who claims that I have "boatloads of money" should show some proof. Isang taon nang butas at tumutulo ang bubong namin. Inaanay din ang mga dingding. So let me  know once you find this treasure trove you're all so fascinated with. 

Sabi ng mga trolls, "Rally is life". Dyos ko, hindi po! Ang tama ay, "Activism is life". It is the only life we know. And we are proud of it. We don't just organize rallies. We educate, study, write articles, produce art, build organizations, do relief work, talk to lawmakers, do legal work, help political prisoners, undertake international solidarity work and many more tasks that don't get covered in the evening news. 

I would only be so fortunate to serve the people as long as Satur Ocampo, Carol P Araullo Joma Sison Fidel Agcaoili Judy Taguiwalo and many more. Yun ang life goals. 

So until the next big rally, when the trolls take to social media to spread hate and fake news, we'll just keep doing what we do. Serve the people." =)

Source: Facebook / Renato Reyes Jr.

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