Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Reds complain vs. Duterte for scrapped peace talks, but commits violence

The communist rebels are complaining against President Rodrigo Duterte for cancelling peace negotiations, but journalist Ira Panganiban calls for an explanation why the Reds are brooding when they have committed violence in the first place.

Panganiban cited how the Reds demand and coerce rebel taxes and execute those who get in their way, and yet when government soldiers retaliate they protest about human rights violations. 

The hypocrisy in their statements led Panganiban to rhetorically question if the rebels opted to negotiate for peace with a gun, how else can the government respond but with a gun, too?

Yearning for an explanation, Panganiban sought for an answer from his “communist friends” because it seemed only appropriate to label as criminals those who threaten others with violence.

In his full post on Facebook, Panganiban said

"Explain this to me my communist friends. 

The government extends their hands in peace and works to this end. They work to free political prisoners as fast as they can (quite a number are free now actually.) They sit down on the negotiating table to talk peace. Many of your members sit in the cabinet as proof of good faith and advises too. 

In exchange your armed groups ambush and kill soldiers and when soldiers retaliate you scream human rights violations. 

So when the president decides to stop the negotiation and run after you it is still the governments fault?

What's wrong with this situation? If you negotiate from the barrel of a gun isn't it just natural that the other side will pull out theirs too? 

Communism is no longer illegal in the Philippines. Why can you not put down the guns and start working with the nation? Or is the old plan still at work? Kick out the government and lead the country yourselves. 

If it was me, I'd call you all bandits and thieves and run after you like the criminals that you are. I'd strip you of your belligerent status and treat you like the convicts you act to be. Because when you forcibly collect money, coerce, threaten, bully, kill and ambush people you claim you protect then that is all you are, criminals with guns and uniforms."

Source: Facebook / Syet Da Pwet

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