Thursday, July 20, 2017

Netizen predicts an LP regime will cause civil war and rebellion

Even in the instance where President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency meets an untimely end and Vice President Leni Robredo steps into power, a netizen predicts that a Yellow-ran regime would still fall.

Paolo Carreon said that civil wars will possibly rise especially since Duterte’s stronghold in Mindanao would be ready to oppose a Liberal Party (LP) administration. Insurgencies and rebellions would worsen considering that the rebels are better aligned with Duterte than with the Yellows.

Duterte has even gathered enough support in Manila to have a possible uprising in there against a Yellow presidency should it happen. The civil wars and protests would lead to a decline in the LP government and weaken international relations.

Carreon predicts that an LP administration will make for a Syria-like Philippines. The inefficiency of its government would expose the country various vulnerabilities, from internal corruption to terrorism.

In his full post on Facebook, Carreon said,

"The Liberal Party will lose even when they win.

Duterte is working hard for them not to win because of two reasons. First, they ruin the country and second, he doesn't want the Philippines to have a civil war.

We've never had a full scale civil war, our wars are with CPP, NPA, MILF, MNLF and Abu Sayyaf, which are we call terrorist and insurgency groups, these started during the Marcos presidency, because they either oppose Marcos or after Marcos was ousted, they formed their own group to return their political views by means of violence.

Now, what would happen if Duterte was ousted, impeached or assassinated. The main answer is Leni Robredo will be president and the LP will come to power, but what happens after or during her inauguration. Duterte had an approval rating of 83% and Mindanao supported him greatly and so did Manila. Robredo's numbers continues to drop and after what might happen to Duterte, her numbers could drop even more. 

First thing that happens, large scale protest in Mindanao and Manila, to the point where millions are out on the streets. Government will declare martial law soon, and that's where violence begins. People from Mindanao and Manila will begin to take arms and try to form new terrorist groups and coup d-etats will happen. ASEAN, Japan, China and Russia might help the rebels because these are places where Duterte was liked and favored. While EU, NATO and the United States along with the United Nations will help the new government. 


1. Thousands dead, maybe millions 
2. Philippines becomes the Syria of South East Asia.
3. The development of a new terrorist group maybe worse than ISIS.
4. It could take 30 or 40 years to get back to the old Philippines.

Now, how does the LP lose here?

Simple, the citizens who approve Duterte is great. One day, maybe a decade or two after Duterte is ousted, the LP will either surrender, or be killed by the number of fighters, but before that happens the damage is done.

Serve this as a reminder. Corruption is not worth a million lives lost, billions of dollars plundered and children losing their innocence because of your selfish desires."

Source: Facebook / Paolo Joaquin Carreon

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