Sunday, July 16, 2017

Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas has long made Ilocos suffer

House Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas was previously charged in 2002 with illegal use of public funds, and now he’s raising controversy once again after confronting Ilocos Governor Imee Marcos over the anomalous use of Php 66.45 million tobacco funds.

An anonymous page called Trending Around the World disclosed past misdeeds committed by Rodolfo and other members of the Fariñas family which includes links to illegal drugs and unfinished bridge projects.

The page shared an instance when Rodolfo was still the Ilocos Governor and suspected that a certain person had a sexual affair with his wife, Carlson. The unidentified person was summoned to Rodolfo’s office and was made to choose between having sexual intercourse with Carlson or getting locked up in a vault inside the office.

The alleged extramarital partner of Carlson chose to be locked up in a vault to prove his innocence. A netizen commented on the post that that unnamed person allegedly died being locked up in the vault.

Rodolfo’s vault in the office was said to be used for keeping illegal drugs and guns, as well as for imprisoning and torturing people.

Additionally, a bridge project between Barangay Buyon, Bacarra to Batangay Tangid, Laoag in Ilocos that cost millions is incomplete up to this day with Ilocanos having to suffer inefficient transport alternatives. Rodolfo is believed to have used the kickbacks of the project to purchase new buses instead of prioritizing the ease of transportation for his constituents. 

When Rodolfo’s son, Rodolfo Jr., died near the incomplete bridge project, a chapel was built within the area to honor Rodolfo Jr. which the page explains was an insult to the farmers and commuters who had to toil and wait for a bridge that has not yet been completed up until now.

In its full post on Facebook, Trending Around the World said,

"Please share


I could no longer hold my tongue back after reading the incessant nonsensical defense of Rodolfo Farinas regarding Gov. Marcos' speech written in an inactive propaganda page of the Farinas family. I say inactive due to finger counted members concurring or negating their political propaganda. Having said that, I opt to resonate the reasons Ilocanos' sufferings due to the presence of Farinas family in the government position.

When a building is newly renovated or newly built, at least desirable scenario should be in place as a portent tradition to occlude negative circumstances that may happen in years to come. However, engulfed with the EVIL and the MONSTROUS activities by Rudy Farinas, the Capitol - an insignia of the Ilocano identity, was ruined during his incumbency as a governor.

It was in his early years as Governor when he was jealous of a person having an affair with his wife, Carlson. Consequently, he invited the suspected person in his office to test the latter's honesty by choosing to have sex with Ms. Carlson or locked-up in a VAULT build by Farinas inside the Governor's Office. The poor man opted to be locked-up to prove his innocence. Hence, he suffered from the torture of RUDY FARINAS.

In the first place, what is the use of that F___ VAULT in a Governor's Office if not to store the drugs and the guns. Also, he uses the VAULT to imprison and to torture people, whom he speculated taking a high caliber gun or people whom he does not trust. Indeed, his mental issue caused the sufferings of so many Ilocano people.

Furthermore, an issue, which my tongue can no longer hold is the multi-million by-pass road project that crosses a river from Barangay Buyon, Bacarra to Barangay Tangid, Laoag. To this day, the Ilocanos are waiting for that BRIDGE. An uncompleted project that resulted in taking the kick-back to buy new buses, and forgetting the putative alleviation of the farmer's ordeal to transport their goods. All these Farinas' deeds endured by the Ilocanos espoused a long route to transport the products to the market. 

Similarly, his family also suffered when his son, RODOLFO JR. DIED NOT FAR from the uncompleted by-pass project. Despite the uncompleted road, he built a chapel close to it in honor to his dearest, boastful, and reckless driver Junior. An insult to the Ilocano commuters and farmers.

I reckoned that those unuttered curses of the Ilocanos resulted to the death of his arrogant progeny. It is time for FARINAS to go back to the campsite where he had sex with his daughter, to reflect his evil deeds, and TO LEAVE THE ILOCANOS ALONE."

Source: Trending Around the World

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