Thursday, July 13, 2017

Leni files for poll protest fee extension despite her wealth

Vice President Leni Robredo is alleged to be merely “buying time” when she filed for a motion to extend the deadline for her poll protest fee in line with the vote recount.

Social media personality and writer Krizette Laureta Chu pointed out the disparity in Leni’s lifestyle and Leni’s current plea to extend her deadline due to an alleged incapability to pay Php 7 million. 

First off that Chu pointed out were the several family vacations she had abroad during her term as Vice President, including New York and South Korea.

Leni also owns designer items such as LV and Ferragamos which can cost hundreds of thousands. Additionally, Leni and her family lives in a penthouse.

Her daughter, Aika Robredo, will be schooling in Harvard where an estimated Php 5 million a year would have to be spent for her education. While Aika may have a Mason Fellowship, Chu emphasized that it is not a financial scholarship.

Almost half a billion was spent for Leni’s election campaign and up to now, she continues travelling to US on a regular basis.

Chu protested that Leni should be sanctioned for pleading for an extension to her poll protest when she is perfectly capable of paying for the Php 7 million.

In Chu’s full post on Facebook, she said,


How can Leni say she has no money? 

1. Nakakapag New York bitbit ang buong pamilya.
 2. A few months after nag South Korea during the Holy Week. Before she assumed the Vice Presidency, nag family vacation in a couple of Asian countries. 
3. Maraming LV, Ferragamos, at expensive clothes. As in marami.
 4. Sa penthouse nakatira.
 5. Sent Aika Robredo to Harvard with an estimated P5 million a year cost. HAS REFUSED TO TELL US WHERE SHE GOT FUNDS FOR IT. Has SALN worth P8 million only. UULTIN KO: The Mason Fellowship is not a financial scholarship.
 6. Spent nearly half a billion pesos during the campaign.
 7. Flies off to the US on a regular basis for the flimsiest of reasons.
 8. Has some of the richest oligarchs supporting her cause.
9. Apparently, the youngest daughter is in Spain right now. I don't really care but how can you claim to be poor when your children are all over the world? 

Leni, sino niloko mo na wala kayong P7 million? She should be sanctioned--not tolerated--if she continues to flout the poll protest process.

Gusto niya ata 2022 na siya mag start. 

The most expensive of Robredo's pursuits is BUYING TIME.
 An idea: MARCOS SUPPORTERS should pay the P7 million (or Marcos himself) para umusad na ang kasong ito. GAVAGIVES na kayo!"

Source: Facebook / Krizette Laureta Chu

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