Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lawyer attacks journalist Raissa Robles: ‘Your kind do not deserve courtesy’

Investigative journalist and staunch critic of the Duterte administration Raissa Robles received the brunt of social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera’s ire after writing and publishing articles that accused Rivera and his cohorts of amassing millions for a rally.

Rivera said that he understood that Robles and her husband loathed President Rodrigo Duterte, but that does not excuse their actions which is attacking Duterte at the expense of the Filipinos.

In Robles’ statements, she accused Rivera and his cohorts for amassing Php 2.1 million without having it accounted at the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), but Rivera shamed her by saying that the their budget for PalitBise Rally was non-taxable.

Robles never apologized for maligning Rivera, Jimmy Bondoc, DAVAO movement, and other key figures in the rally which prompted Rivera to conclude that Robles lacks a “moral compass”.

Additionally, Robles threatened to report Rivera to the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), but Rivera was confident enough to challenged Robles to actually do it because, in the end, it would be Robles who will be criticized and shamed by the IBP.

In his full post on Facebook, Rivera said,


There are many things I cannot accept. One is paying USD40 for 150mb of internet. But this reptile-writer has made me so mad, I am willing to give up a meal or two just so I can give her more than a piece of my mind.

I get it, Raissa. You and your equally facially challenged husband hate President Duterte. And we do understand your anger. Duterte defeated the people putting money in your coffers. But what I do not understand is why you attack PRD at the expense of the Filipino people.

You maligned Jimmy Bondoc during the PalitBise Rally. I was co-convenor in that rally with MOCHA USON BLOG. You accused us of amassing PhP2.1 million and threatened to report us to the BIR. You demanded for us to account for the money like you owned it. Such temerity when you have not contributed a single centavo. And I bit my lip and did not lash out because I know we will prove you wrong.

And we did. It was non-taxable. But did you even apologize after you openly maligned Jimmy and the DAVAO Movement by accusing us of being tax evaders? No. Because you have no sense of justice. You have no moral compass. You are ethically bankrupt.

And now you tell the world I am bastos. And even hinted that as a lawyer I should be held accountable to the IBP.

Here is the news, Raissa. Go ahead. Report me to the IBP. For sure, the people in the IBP knows the concept of justice. And you have never been just to anybody connected with PRD. You attack like a crazy dog. And every lawyer knows how do deal with a mad dog running wild.

I did not malign you. I called you names. Names which were apt for their resemblance to your physical features. Yes, I do ad hominem attacks to people like you. People who write to impugn. People who never apologize for malicious imputations despite the hurt you have caused. Why? Your kind do not deserve courtesy.

I called you out in anger and I was justified. The Marawi siege is ongoing. It is a sensitive issue to families of the soldiers who are still in the zone of battle who do not know the fate of their loved ones. And you bring out death tolls so you can poorly compare it with events in the past administration as a means to attack the President.

You have a problem, Raissa. You have reached that level of apathy you are already dangerous to the Filipinos. And I hope the CBCP prays for you."

Source: Bruce Rivera

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