Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hontiveros slammed by Paula Knack for “uneducated” opinion on Martial Law

Paula Defensor Knack used her sister’s, Miriam Santiago, words to describe Senator Risa Hontiveros’ opinion on the Supreme Court (SC) ruling of Martial Law: Uneducated.

Hontiveros cited the SC’s decision on Martial Law as a “dangerous precedent”, but Knack quickly countered that the precedent had been the Marcos Martial Law jurisprudence.

Knack explained that Martial Law was declared by former President Ferdinand Marcos on the basis of insurgency and subversives, which is a striking contrast to President Rodrigo Duterte’s current enemy which are terrorists in Marawi.

It was the basis for Marcos Martial Law that prompted the review of Duterte’s declaration, and surely not SC’s decision to uphold it.

Now that Duterte has garnered legislative and judiciary support, lawmakers urge the President to make good use of Martial Law and not be “overconfident”.

Hontiveros, on the other hand, has won the distaste of Knack and other netizens for her hasty comments.

In Knack’s full post on Facebook, she said,

"VIRAL !! ...........HONTIVEROS is HOPELESS !! ... SHE IS UNEDUCABLE in the words of Sen. Miriam !! 😈😈😈😈😈👊👊👠👠


The Marcos cases laid out all the issues on martial law, including review by the Supreme Court on the factual basis of the declaration. Only the Chief Executive has the power to determine whether martial law should be declared or not. No other branch of government has that power. Thats what the Marcos cases said. And those cases were against insurgency and subversives. The President situation is worse - it deals with terrorists who have foreign fighters in their ranks in an area where there are multiple non-state armed groups sowing violence !
In a statement, Hontiveros said the ruling was a “missed opportunity for the Supreme Court to stand up against creeping authoritarianism.”

“The decision sets a dangerous precedent for undemocratic governance. Lest we forget, bad precedents stem from seemingly justifiable measures,” Hontiveros, a member of the Senate minority bloc, said.

“With the ruling, Martial Law becomes the ‘default response’ of the state to address all acts of violence and lawlessness. Martial Law becomes a ‘silver bullet’ for a false peace,” she said.

Hontiveros said Duterte should not abuse the SC’s decision thinking it is a “free pass” to expand martial law in other areas of the country.

Duterte issued Proclamation No. 216 on May 23 declaring martial law in Mindanao following the attack of the Maute group in Marawi City."

Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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