Thursday, July 27, 2017

Girl Sees Her Friend Touching Herself and Absolutely Gets Shocked

Girl Sees Her Friend Touching Herself and Absolutely Gets Shocked


Most of us have that type of friend who is such a prankster that often times, we also fall for their jokes, no matter how silly or foolish it was. Take this case that netizen Sarah Jane Paderes Magdaluyo encountered.

According to her video description on Facebook, she was so intrigued by what her friend was doing. She hesitated to approach the latter because she thought her friend was doing something extremely inappropriate.

She even added that she might not like what she would see. What was the girl doing anyway? The video begins with Sarah approaching a girl in a violet camisole seemingly wearing nothing below her waist – no shorts or jeans.

However, you could see a heart-shaped pillow on her side. Sarah walks to her and we see the girl doing something unusual with her hand. She is looking down and her hand is moving in a rapid manner.

The girl continues to do this that at some point, as aforementioned, Sarah hesitates. Is her friend touching herself down there? Why is she moving her hand in such a manner? What is she up to?

And why was she filming that, of all the things? So Sarah walks closer to her friend – but not without squealing – to find out what is really happening.

Well, yes, it was not what we are thinking the whole time. Sarah's friend was just playing a game that many Facebook users are addicted to. Everwing pa more!



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