Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Duterte’s struggle and sorrow with soldier deaths and widows shows – Lawyer

As the Marawi clash lengthens, so does President Rodrigo Duterte’s trips and visits to wakes, widows, and slain soldiers, and Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles notes that Duterte has already lost his smile.

The series of tragedies has weighed down the President, as Angeles explained, and his sensitivity is contrary to the image being portrayed of him by opposition.

He was tagged a thug and murderer for slaying drug addicts and pushers during his drug war campaign and this had painted him red in the eyes of Yellows and the international community.

However, it has become obvious that Duterte only has his heart for the Filipinos and toils to make the country a better land. Even seeing people lining up to get their passport and victims of crimes have yielded the President’s heart.

While the opposition tries their best to twist Duterte’s reputation and label him as a killer, his actions, especially in the Marawi crisis, has shown that he is soft-hearted for his country.

In Angeles’ full post on Facebook, she said,

"Have you noticed lately that the president rarely smiles. It isn't a secret. But the deaths in Marawi are weighing on his mind. This is why he goes to as many wakes as possible, tries to comfort as many of the widows as possible. Tries to assuage the loss.

This is not the butcher they claim he is. This is not the person they say is responsible for wholesale slaughter of drug dealers. This is someone deeply affected by suffering and death.

"Hindi ba kayo naaawa?" he told his officials, on seeing people sleeping on the sidewalks so they could be first in line to get passports. He gives you a pained look when he talks about victims of crimes. Children abused. As a prosecutor he had seen so much suffering. As president, he sees more.

His primary agenda is to make life a little bit more comfortable for the Filipinos, the people of his country. And the deaths cut him deep.

This is not someone who tries to justify the war. He knows it is necessary, he has put his men in harm's way for the common good and he knows this is right.

And yet. These are deaths of men under his command, under his care. And he knows too that the the war is taking its toll on Filipinos on every side. And he is burdened by it.

This is evident to all of us who see the muted joking. The forced smiles. For Duterte watchers, this conflict in Marawi is his burden.

Yet he does not flinch from it. He goes to the wounded. He goes to the wakes. He hugs the widows. He tries to share the pain. But much of it is his and his alone.

The haters can try to paint a cartoonish picture of a bloodthirsty killer. But in every wake, in every visit you know this man carries every single death in him.

This is the president, this is our leader, in the Age of Duterte."

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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