Saturday, July 15, 2017

DLSU Professor: "Why is Mar Roxas bad for the country?"

As the former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary and presidential candidate during the 2016 elections, Mar Roxas' ideals and visions for the country have become known and a netizen laments that it will not work for the country.

Roxas possesses what DLSU Professor Van Ybiernas calls “Washington Consensus ideas” which hinders the Philippines' economic growth considering how incompatible it is with the state of affairs in the country.

Ybiernas reasoned that former President Gloria Arroyo's spending for nautical highways, transport systems, and farm to market roads was paving the way towards expedient economic growth for the Philippines.

Infrastructure spending is crucial to a country's economic development. Ybiernas complained that what Roxas did instead during his term was win “pogi points” by sympathizing with the masses through campaigns of him doing menial tasks.

Netizens commented on Ybiernas' post and pointed out that infrastructure spending has become a priority in the President Rodrigo Duterte administration.

In Ybiernas' full post on Facebook, he said,

"Why is Mar Roxas bad for the country?

He is a Washington Consensus guy. That is not what this country needs. His Washington Consensus ideas have, in fact, slowed growth in this country.

What we need to do is to spend, spend, spend on infrastructure. 

GMA's nautical highway was spot on. This admin needed to continue building on that but it didn't. We needed more farm to market roads, (air and sea) port facilities, mass transport system (trains, in short). We needed to put our electric and telephone lines underground (para walang brownout tuwing may bagyo). We needed faster internet. 

We needed these things to continue growing and we didn't need to grow AS FAST as during the GMA admin. We needed to grow FASTER. 

But what did Mar (as Pnoy's Cardinal Richelieu) prioritize? Pogi points (sakay ng motor, buhat ng bigas, etc. noong may bagyo). 

Please no more Mar Roxas after 2016...

From an economic standpoint (only) ---and I am not kidding--- what this country needed in 2010 was more of GMA..."

Source: Facebook / Van Ybiernas

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