Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cynthia Patag called smug and cocky for “kaloka” conspiracy on drug addict

Actress Cynthia Patag brewed a conspiracy theory over a self-confessed drug addict who was broadcasted on TV after he admitted to massacring five family members in their house in San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan.

The killer, Carmelino Ibañez, confessed that he was under the influence of drugs when he committed the crime and even said that it was not planned out how he would murder the family.

"Wala lang po, parang trip-trip lang... Naisipan lang pasukin, ganoon. Hindi naman po sinadya namin na talagang -- kusa lang pong pinasok," Ibañez said.

He also had companions during the time the crime was executed, but they are still being hunted by authorities.

Patag commented that the lack of remorse on the part of the drug addict made her earnest to have Ibañez penalized with death, but that was when she sensed that something was wrong.

The actress thought that maybe the drug addict and his cohorts were paid to commit the crime so they can stir the anger of the public and win their desire for a death penalty.

Patag labeled the self-confessed drug addict as “smug” and “cocky”, but it only prompted social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera to call out Patag as “smug” and “cocky” for thinking that a gruesome crime was a mere publicity stint.

Rivera even mocked Patag further by saying that if Oplan Tokhang or death penalty supporters wanted a publicity stint for their propaganda they would have had the drug addict kill Patag and turn her skin into hide for a luggage bag.

In his full post on Facebook, Rivera said,

"Dear General Bato,

For the love of God, ipa-double barrel reloaded na natin itong babaeng-slash-rodent na ito. May sayad na. 

Publicity sa tokhang kaya pinatay ang mga biktima. Yan ang idea ni babae-slash-marsupial.

Kung publicity stint, di ba mas may impact kung si Patag ang pinatay nung adik pagkatapos ay binalatan at ginawang maleta ang balat kaso nahuli ang adik sa airport gamit ang maleta dahil hinarang ng DENR. 
Di ba? Di ba? Di ba? 

N.B. Sabi ni Patag, the adik daw was smug cocky even. Parang siya, smug and cocky. Kasi nga adik. 

Another netizen, Charles Englund, said that Yellow supporters like Patag were mere laughing stock as President Rodrigo Duterte entered his first year with overwhelming public support.

Englund tried to school Patag by relaying that it was not the first time a drug addict committed a gruesome crime, and that the support or rejection for the death penalty was up to Congress."

In his full post on Facebook, Englund said,

"On the 1st year anniversary of Duterte, masarap pagtawanan ang mga dilawan na tulad ni Cynthia. I swear by the old gods and new--wala silang humpay. Kaloka.

 O ayan, sabi niya planted daw yata ang durugistang rapist/murderer na ito. The motive? To generate sympathy for the death penalty.

 Cynthia naman. Una, this is not the first time a drug-crazed person has committed these heinous crimes in our country. Mag google ka lang.

 Pangalawa, mas madali siguro gamitin  na lang ang super majority sa congress. There is no need to resort to supposed conspiracies and ploys like this.

 Awat na po. Mag siomai na lang sa Tim Ho Wan."

Sources: Charles Englund and Bruce Rivera

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