Sunday, July 16, 2017

Blogger calls out CBCP for being biased and the “representation of evil”

The Catholic Bichops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) had previously posted a list of allegedly fake news sites, but a blogger, however, pointed out that the list of sites the CBCP publicized were mostly pro-Duterte blogs.

For singling out the pro-Duterte blog, blogger Sebastian Carreon labeled the CBCP as biased in their choices of news sites. Major news outlets such as Rappler, ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Silent No More have, as Carreon explained, more proof of fake news than the ones CBCP listed.

Instead of the pro-Duterte blogs, Carreon asserted that it was the CBCP that caused more ills in society because they allowed the proliferation of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) after banning contraception and the daily dangers to citizens after banning the death penalty for heinous criminals.

CBCP should be composed of people who align themselves with morals and values, but Carreon argued that they are no longer the few holy chosen. Instead, their politicized actions have turned them into a “representation of evil” for possessing biases and spreading propaganda.

In his full post on facebook, Carreon said,

"Seriously! CBCP News, do not call ThinkingPinoy fake news! Just today I learned about facts and opinions and bias media on my EAPP subject. From what I can observe, you have one of the highest rates of bias in your report, almost all of your fake news sites are Duterte Blogs. How about as Rappler, ABS-CBN, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Silent No More? They have more proof of fake news than the sites you posted. This is why many people stopped believing in you, you meddle too much on politics! Honestly, don't say these sites are fake news just because you don't agree with them! 

You are the TRUE FAKE NEWS! How many people got STDs because you're against contraception, how many innocent people have died because you're against the death penalty, making criminals not afraid of the law, causing our crime rate to rise! Lastly, how many of YOUR OWN PRIESTS! Have molested children in the Philippines and accepted donations from the Liberal Party that you even knew this was from tax payers money! We're not in the Spanish Era anymore! You don't control everything! You are the representation of evil in this country, when you're supposed to be the representation of integrity and morality! You are no longer God's chosen, you are chosen by greed! You cannot serve God and money! That's in the Bible, yet you break the law of the Lord! I'm disgusted, truly disgusted. 

If you truly want to help this country, support our president, stop being bias, stop molesting children and stop accepting money from corrupt politicians, you are giving the Philippines a very terrible image."

Source: Fight for the Truth - Sebastian Carreon

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