Monday, July 31, 2017

Big time Ozamiz narcopols funded political patrons with looted money

The Liberal Party (LP) may have benefitted a lot from the bank robberies and abductions carried out by big time narcopolitician Parojinog family in Ozamis, as reported by netizen.

RG San Luis detailed how the rise of power by the Parojinog clan started when their patriarch, Octavio Parojinog, led an anti-communist vigilante organization called Kuratong Baleleng in the 1980s. 

Major lootings across Mindanao and Visayas occurred soon after which the Parojinogs would then use to fund their political patrons and gain massive support.

Some members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) enjoyed privileges from the corrupt family in exchange for the Parojinogs’ protection.

Eventually, the family focused on smuggling agricultural items and joined the illegal drug trade soon after when the Kuratong Baleleng became vulnerable.

While critics are shoting human rights violations, San Luis argues that President Rodrigo Duterte’s term has managed to push back and eliminate the chronic drug problem in the country. If it was not for these campaigns, the country would still be subject to the will of narcopoliticians.

In his full post on netizen Kristine Marie Sy-Francisco’s Facebook, San Luis said,

"Those of you who continue to assail the government's war on drugs don't have any idea of the extent which it has affected the country. If before it was solely the domain of drug lords, it's now grown to involve politicians, both local and national and appointed officials, both local and national as well. 

The rise to power by the Parojinog's started when the patriarch enlisted as a CHDF. They then evolved into the Kuratong Baleleng gang pulling off robberies in select cities in the Visayas and Mindanao and Metro Manila.

 They eventually gained control over all illegal activities in Ozamis including smuggling. They raised campaign funds illegally for their protectors and connived in the manipulation of votes in northwestern and central Mindanao. 

Remember the 90s when bank robberies and kidnappings were the norm? There was already quiet talk then that the Kuratong Baleleng was operating under the protection of a group of PNP officials who were funneling the proceeds from these criminal activities into the campaign coffers of their political patrons. It was only after that controversial rubout incident on Commonwealth Avenue that the operations of Kuratong in Manila and Visayas and Mindanao died down. They concentrated on smuggling of agricultural commodities in Ozamis and began their involvement in the drug trade. 

Didn't it cross your mind to think how your favorite Liberal Party candidates were swimming in cash during the campaign for the 2016 elections? Robredo alone spent over P400M per her official SOCE. 
Where did she get such a huge sum of money? And mind you, this was only her official declaration. Who knows how much she actually spent on TV and radio ads plus transport and logistics of her campaign staff. 

Those of you who have not travelled far and wide across the country should stop commenting on what you perceive to be human rights violations against those who have perished in the drug war. If you don't have the means or are afraid of going to Mindanao, I would suggest you go around the areas of Dagat-Dagatan, Bagong Silang, Baseco and Del Pan for you to see for yourselves how the drug problem has become a bane to the average Filipino. Think about the victims of drug crazed criminals who rob, kill and rape innocent victims.

Source: Facebook / RG San Luis

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