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Atty. Bruce Rivera: "Dutertards? Oo, kami na ang retarded, but branding will never affect us."

President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters are branded as Dutertards by the Yellow camp to demeaningly refer to blind or mindless faith in Duterte after failing to taint Duterte’s image to the public.

Social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera posted in December 2015 during the election campaign season about how the Yellows have turned to attacking Duterte’s supporters because branding him as a thug and womanizer failed to dampen public support.

By branding Duterte’s supported as Dutertards, the Yellows project an image of Duterte being surrounded by aggressive and unthinking fanatics ready to degrade whoever would lash at him.

The Yellows use this strategy to guise their supporters as merely advocates of their beliefs while the Duterte camp are warmongering cultists.

Rivera warns against this kind of branding from the Yellows that could detract other citizens from duly supporting Duterte’s platform.

As though an ironic twist, River had even sarcastically mentioned that if the Yellow branding had been true then the majority of Filipinos who will (and who did) vote for Duterte are mere special children. 

While it may seem as though the ruthless side comes from the so-called Dutertards, Rivera emphasized that it is the Yellow’s propaganda that is the true evil.

Read his full post below:


I know the game the anti-Duterte people are playing. SUBCONSCIOUS BRANDING. Initially, the strategy was to discredit the candidate as a Pope-hater, cursing womanizer, vigilante without respect for human rights and even Hitler-incarnate. But when the black propaganda that used to work on Binay, Poe and others seem to bolster the support of Mayor Duterte, the demolition team is now resorting to branding not the candidate but the supporters.

We are now called "Dutertards" or "Duterte Retards".

The picture they want to paint is that Duterte supporters have a common trait: we are feeble-minded hooligans who will not listen to reason and bash those who support Mar Roxas. That is the reason why the story in ABSCBN is the Retards (tayo yun) ganging up on hapless Roxas superfans like Celdran and Ramon Bautista. To someone who does not know how "impartial" the TV network is will definitely pity the victims of the Dutertards. Wawa naman yung dalawa, nagsusupport lang naman sila tapos inaaway ko sila. Someone even called my open letter as acting up like a child. Celdran even quipped that we should veer away from personality politics-beauty queen mentality campaign.

So tayo pala ngayon ang mga salbahe, walang modo, pala-away. We are the bullies at sila ang kawawa. Kung sa Mara Clara...sila si Juday at tayo si Gladys Reyes. Galing talaga mag-isip ang mga bayarang thinkers ng kalaban.

By calling us Dutertards, they will paint a profile of a Duterte supporter as a retard. Our minds so stunted, we attack anyone who do not share our retarded idealogy.

Manalamin nga kayo kung sinong retarded sa atin. Gagamitin ko ang mahiwagang salamin ni Tito Boy and ask the question, "Carlos and Ramon, I ask you to look at yourself in the mirror. You see a retard?" Both would answer "no". And I would say, that was not a question.

But the branding will never affect us. Call us Dutertards, Duterdicts, Digonatics, Kulto ni Digong or any other name. It is just a name. Carlos is a superb performer and artist. The retard here is just a lawyer. Carlos is an eskolar ng bayan. The retard here is just a magna cum laude graduate, 0.2 shy of summa. Carlos is veering away from personality politics and beauty queen mentality in his choice of Roxas. While the retard here is only choosing Duterte because I am blinded by his nice personality and beauty queen moves.

Oo, kami na ang retarded. Sana lang sa araw ng election, hindi kayo mabigla na majority pala ng Pinoy voters ay special child."

Source: Facebook / Bruce Rivera

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