Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Anti-ML legislators fail Philippines by showing party loyalty and cowardice

The request to extend Martial Law on Mindanao until December 31, 2017 won in a massive landslide of 261 yes votes versus the 18 no votes in Congress. 

With a super-minority coming from those who oppose the extension of Martial Law, thus led social media personality Atty. Bruce Rivera to brand them as party loyalists. 

Rivera asserts that for these people, the ideals of their party supercedes the needs of public welfare and safety.

Though the anti-Martial Law legislators attempted to justify their votes by explaining that President Rodrigo Duterte might exploit and abuse his military might, Rivera said that this only shows their paranoia.

A party fraught with paranoia and a party-over-nation loyalty does not deserve a seat in Congress, Rivera explains, because the Philippines does not deserve to have “wimps” amongst its ranks. 

The real threat of the anti-Martial Law voters is in their potential to prioritize their own interests and fears over the needs of the nation. 

Rivera opined that the opposition would willingly let civilians and military lose their lives in wars of terrorism because they would rather be afraid of the possibility of Duterte abusing Martial Law. 

In his full post on Facebook, Rivera said,


The few who voted against the extension of Martial Law have shown not only their party affiliation but disturbingly made clear that their loyalty lies first and foremost in their party even to the prejudice of the nation. Remember their names. Why? Because when the life of our nation hangs in the balance, they are the very people who will be all too willing to kill this nation all in the name of party. 

Their justification for not allowing the extension of Martial Law reads out like a pathetic paranoid scream. They said, if Congress will allow the extension of ML, it will give rise to a dangerous precedent whereby every isolated disturbance or violence will be justification to declare military rule. 

Yes, the anti-ML legislators have chosen paranoia over logic. They have chosen to just let the gains of the declaration of Martial Law on the operations in Marawi go to waste because they are paranoid that Duterte will go crazy and declare Martial Law in their own backyard. They have chosen to just let the bodies of our soldiers pile up because they are afraid that Martial Law will bite them in the ass. 

Yes, as expected, these legislators shamelessly chose personal fears over the safety and integrity of the entire Philippine archipelago. Yes, we do not expect that the Senators and Congressman we voted are patriots and nationalists but they should not be wimps either. Wimps have no place in public service. They belong to some 8-5 office job protected from the elements. 

I want public servants with balls. Those who will be willing to make the hard decisions despite the risks because it is the best decision for the Filipino people. Those who will have the balls to declare war rather than be held hostage by terrorism or fear. 

And I have just made the list of people I will NEVER EVER vote for in any elections as if my life depended on it."

Source: Facebook / Bruce Rivera

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