Thursday, July 27, 2017

Alleged Proof of VP Leni’s online trolls and bots revealed?

The camps of President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo have long been trashing each other for alleged use of paid online “warriors” and resorting to bots to amplify their online arsenal against each other.

News agency Mindanation made an online poll before that would reveal the potential number of voters for each candidate.

In the case of Duterte unique Internet Provider (IP) addresses were culled out of the results which indicates that the users behind the online poll were actual people spread across the world.

However, Robredo’s online poll showed similar IP addresses which could mean that select people were purposely trying to rig the survey and appear as several entities voting for Robredo. 

It has also come to the concern of Mindanation how the Yellows tried to pin paid online support to Duterte’s election strategy when they were the ones who were actually doing it and still failing to win majority. 

When the online poll was publicized, it also posed as an issue when it was consistently Grace Poe and Mar Roxas that was associated or identified as her candidates. 

Mindanation surmises that if the Yellows have resorted to this fraudulence, then Robredo may have opted to do the same in the election process and cheated her way to her position. 

Durerte seems to have won real, organic traffic from his online supporters contrary to the seemingly bot-like data of Robredo. 

Source: Mindanation

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