Saturday, July 29, 2017

Activist Renato Reyes Jr. says Duterte is waging a war he can’t win

Activist and Secretary General of Bayan Renato Reyes Jr. criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for the latter’s tirades, statements, and threats against Lumads saying that it could amount to local and international condemnation.

If Duterte carries out an actual attack against the Lumads, Reyes said it would be a genocidal war that will permanently terminate peace talks and gather a united front against the President which will put him down.

To avoid stirring bad relations, Duterte should take back his statements, address the demands and needs of the Lumads,and focus on peace negotiations lest he remains stuck in the current standoff and confront his downfall.

The danger of Duterte pursuing damaging action against the Lumads would, as Reyes predicts, incite a war supported by the US and other concerned groups and it would be a war Duterte cannot win.

In his full post on Facebook, Reyes said,

"Here's how I see it. Duterte makes true his threats to bomb the Lumad and their schools, he will reap domestic and international condemnation the likes of which he has never seen before. No amount of red-tagging will justify a genocidal war. It could be the last nail on the coffin for the peace talks. It will galvanize a broad united front againts his regime and hasten its demise. Yes, he will go down for those crimes. Simply unforgivable.

Duterte should retract his statements, apologize to the Lumad, and address their just demands. It behooves him to recall his troops who are terrorizing Lumad communities. His daily patutsada against the revolutionary movement is not the least entertaining nor productive. His tirades are already being taken as policy pronouncements by his fascist troops.

Frankly speaking, he is better off consulting his peace panel and the progressives in his cabinet on how to move forward from his latest debacle. That is, if he still wants to move forward. It's starting to look like quicksand for him from where we're sitting.

Duterte is positioning himself to fight a war on different fronts, backed by the US, against a struggling people who have history on their side. It is a war he cannot possibly win."

Source: Facebook / Renato Reyes Jr

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