Monday, June 19, 2017

Yellows reveal their “grudging admiration” for Duterte – New York University Alumnus

President Rodrigo Duterte’s five-day absence stirred a lot of talk between pro and anti Dutertes alike, but social media personality Krizette Chu was appalled that some citizens actually believed it when Duterte said he was merely in “kama, not coma” in those five days.

Chu said that the idea of Duterte resting amidst the Marawi terrorist siege is “impossible” knowing how his diligence as the president has been proven to address illegal drug problems and other crimes.

The Yellows had simply jumped to the conclusion that if Duterte could not be visibly seen working then he was dying. 

Chu countered this notion by contrasting it with Vice President Leni Robredo whom anti-Robredos do not necessarily immediately rule out as dead or dying just because she was not seen doing work.

By making a controversy of his absence, Chu concluded that it only showed how much the Yellows have a “grudging admiration” for Duterte because of their incessant rants that come off as them looking for the President.

Chu revealed, but also cited a news article, that Duterte was simply on a secret trip which the details have yet to be revealed.

Chu said it will be Duterte who will disclose that information.

With their wrong assumptions, Chu shamed the Yellows for claiming that Duterte is dying.

In her full post on Facebook, Chu said,


Did you REALLY REALLY REALLY believe that Duterte would take to his bed for 5 days? "Kama, hindi coma" as Duts himself says?

Especially in the middle of the Marawi crisis? 

Did you really think that the man who would not rest and has the energy of a 20-year-old horndog on Viagra would be resting at a time like this?

Naniwala kayo? Both pro Duterte and anti Dutertes? (lalo na yung mga anti Duterte na makatawag sa mga Duterte supporters ng stupid, na akala mo members ng MENSA. LOL.) Ako, I was worried for a little bit, and then, no more.

Even the blasted Yellows know that Duterte resting is an idea so impossible he must be dead or dying.

They revealed their insight of Duterte's work ethic by jumping to conclusion that not seeing Duterte at work means he was dying. Ganon. Kami ba kung Di namin maramdaman si Leni iniisip ba naming patay na? Hindi di ba, kasi alam natin tamad lang siya, o walang paki.

Si Duterte yung kaopisina o kaklase mo na sobrang bibo sa life na pag absent, tatawagan mo talaga kasi alam mong may nangyaring major major.

Si Leni yung kaopisina o kaklase mo na pag absent, wala lang kasi normal sa kanya yon tapos pagbalik niya sasabihin niya nagkasakit siya pero super tanned naman. Kaya never mong hinahanap kasi kilala na siya as batugan.

The Yellows could not help but reveal their GRUDGING ADMIRATION (yes bitches, hanap agad?) for DUTERTE when they started looking for him. Eh yung nauna pa sila maghanap kesa sa atin, gusto niyo yon?

We all know in our hearts that Duterte is not the kind of person to rest, so his absence worried us and excited the kontrabidas.

And Duterte and his men allowed you to think that he was just resting. They allowed you to think that he was sick. That is so characteristic of Duterte to not care what you think of him as long as he gets something done. And in the days that he was gone, 

Poon did something brave for the country.

Duterte went somewhere. That is the truth, and now he finally revealed it.

Where he went, siya na bahala mag sabi (am sure sasabihin na naman ninyo cancer hospital sa China, mga tanga, as if he can hide something like that), pero one day, ONE DAY, mamamatay kayo sa hiya once malaman niyo kung nasan siya habang may pa say say kayo ng coma--"it is our right to know his medical condition."

And then you will fall on your knees and you will realize what kind of President he is.

Dear President Duterte, you simply are the best human being ever."


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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