Friday, June 23, 2017

WATCH: Wilnor Papa of Amnest Int’l trash talks Duterte in New Zealand

Local media has done severe damage by circulating false numbers linked to the illegal drug war campaigned by President Rodrigo Duterte and some international communities have banked on this information to forward their own propaganda in the Philippines.

Another figure to include in the list is Wilnor Papa of Amnesty International who has been invited in New Zealand to talk about the human rights situation in the Philippines, but turns out to be another anti-Duterte propaganda.

Citing sources such as Rappler and Inquirer who are known to spin their news articles about Duterte, Papa said that over 9,000 were killed in the illegal drug war.

Papa goes as far as saying that Duterte’s strategies are “not making us [Filipinos] feel safer,” during an interview with foreign news anchors on TV.

What we really want is for the international community to take a stand and condemn the killings in the Philippines,” Papa adds.

Despite his stance against Duterte, Papa himself admits that the killings have started even before Duterte’s term.

Papa cited former President Gloria Arroyo’s term as having 2,000 suspected leftists dead with barely anyone among her ranks held accountable for it. The Aquino administration had targeted peasants and farmers, a far ruthless attack compared to if it were illegal drug figures.

Watch the full video posted by Rado Gatchalian and created by DDS New Zealand:

Source: Rado Gatchalian

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