Wednesday, June 28, 2017

VP Leni was attending high-society function before basurera stint

Netizens have taken to the internet their views on Vice President Leni Robredo’s recent controversy over having picked up garbage in Boston, Massachusetts in order to grab some reusable items before her eldest daughter Aika Robredo starts her schooling Harvard.

Netizen Francisco Pascual Tranquilino posted a reply to private messages he’s received from a few close friends lamenting how the Filipino community is in an ireful verbiage over Leni’s basurera stint.

One of Tranquilino’s friends even explained that during this time of the year when students are leaving their dorms, they tend to throw out reusable and barely used high-value items such as microwaves and mattresses, thus, it is no surprise if Leni was there also trying to find luck with some freebies.

Tranquilino, however, argued that the issue does not lie in the kind of “basura” Leni picked up, but the fact that she had previously attended a high-society fundraising event that was surely going to spark talk considering the ongoing Marawi crisis.

As if to avoid embarrassment or to redeem herself from the burn, Leni highlights the basurera stint of her Boston trip as if it could excuse that she was all glammed up for an elite social event. The Vice President was donning expensive garbs and smiles during a time of crisis for her fellow Filipinos.

Tranquilino emphasized that it was show of hypocrisy on the part of Leni just like when she was awaiting a bus ride to Bicol along the SLEX near Magallanes. It is an attempt of the Yellows and their PR camp to mask their members as sympathizers of the masses, when in reality they seek to be on top of the pyramid.

It is a kind of “political gimmickry” that the Yellows have long played in order to fool the people into believing that they represent their struggles, but Tranquilino argued that these days people are more aware of the deception.

In Tranquilino’s full post on Facebook, he said,

My Clarification on the Basurera Queen

"Since my FB post 2 days ago about Leni Robredo na namumulot ng basura sa Boston, I received 2 separate private messages from a close friend and a colleague. One was a request to “please stop spreading this kind of messages…not healthy and doesn’t speak well of a gentle, respectable doctor I know of,” while the other message was more of clarifying that “It’s probably not entirely correct to say “namulot ng basura,” but I was in Boston last year when my niece moved out of her dorm. Every year, all the students have to move out of their dorms… on a certain date up to 5pm. After that, you can go around the campus picking up items that students used that school year lang. These are left on the sidewalks fronting dorms, and will be collected by garbage trucks. You can score microwaves, mattresses, and other expensive, barely used bulky items, necessities like hangers, racks, bags, plates, thermos, and even personal items that students from out of state cannot bring home…. I think Leni should have elaborated more when she said the statement …”

I truly appreciate the efforts of my friends in telling me their personal sentiments on this issue. Both were apparently bothered and saddened by the hatred and vicious exchanges between friends and among Filipinos.

Because this seems to be a really sensitive issue for others, I felt I needed to clarify where I was and most people were coming from when we lambasted Leni Robredo when she made that statement. Let me begin by laying the context: The VP just attended a high-society fund-raising event in LA for the Filipino-American Symphony Orchestra (FASO). She went all the way to LA from Manila to grace the event as their guest of honor. This in the midst of the problems faced by our countrymen especially in Marawi. During the LA event, she was photographed partying with other Filipinos dressed in formal attires, suits and ternos. The VP herself was seen dressed in her finest gown and accessories, she was even presented with her portrait, given as a gift. She spent 2 days in LA before proceeding to Boston to be with her daughter Aika who was about to start her schooling in Harvard.

Such an ostentatious display of wealth and seeming apathy to the current plight of her fellow Filipinos back home especially our brothers and sisters in Marawi, is inappropriate and insensitive. And this is nothing new. This is the same Leni who went on a US vacation last year even while her own hometown was being battered by a powerful typhoon. Such display of hypocrisy! Reminds one of the days of Imelda Marcos partying, wining and dining with the who’s who in Hollywood accompanied by her coterie of Blue Ladies. This time, when netizens picked up this LA affair that she attended and started criticizing her for her callousness, she comes back and immediately on her weekly radio program BISErbisyong LENI, she announces that she and her daughter were “namumulot ng basura sa Boston.”

THE KIND OF “BASURA” WAS NOT THE ISSUE HERE. We know the kind of “re-usable” trash that Leni and Aika may have scavenged. It was the malicious intention of stating “Alam mo ka Elie nakakatuwa dun kasi pinupulot lang namin sa basurahan yung mga gamit, yung mga hindi nabentang mga gamit ng iba ay iniiwan lang sa basurahan at dun kami namumulot, yun yung ginawa namin sa dalawang araw, pinupulot lang namin sa basurahan yung mga gamit..”

THIS IS ALL DRAMA! She attempts to portray an image, wanting people to believe na hindi sila mayaman, namumulot lang siya ng basura para sa gamit ng anak, na nakikiisa sila sa mga nasa laylayan ng lipunan. This is no different from the Leni waiting for her bus ride to Bicol along the SLEX near the Shell station in Magallanes. This is being EPAL in the grand scale, she knows how to manipulate public sentiment to get sympathy. But we know her tricks by now, hindi na ito uubra! Behind all these portrayals, the real Leni is hungry for attention, she wants the finest and most expensive clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, she wants to be with the rich and famous, she wants to pose for high-society glossy magazines. And when the public starts seeing the real her, she retreats to being the demure and unassuming widow, the caring and motherly VP looking after the welfare of those in the “laylayan ng lipunan.” THIS IS POLITICAL GIMMICRY!

Remember Kris Aquino, you will always see her in simple clothes, no make up, hair just pulled and tied at the back while speaking before the press in a soft, mild voice. This same image she perfected every time she faces the cameras whenever she is involved in some personal controversies where she needs public sympathy. This is what we are seeing from Leni now.

Remember Mar Roxas directing the traffic while soaking wet from the rain, or driving a pedicab or carrying a sack of rice or a sack of bawang in the market? They may have been coached by the same PR firm. We are fed up with this kind of politicking, tama na, sobra na!

I agree with my friend when he/she said that he/she is bothered and saddened by the hatred and vicious exchanges between friends and among Filipinos. I feel the same way, too. But in the present state that we are in now, we are left with no other option. Those of us who avidly defend President Duterte only do so because of the hatred and malicious, false and unfair imputations hurled against him by his critics right from day one. Personally, I pledge that I will continue to defend him from such accusations, and I will do this through the social media because there is no other venue. The mainstream media are all biased (e.g. Rappler, Inquirer, The New York Times, Forbes, ABS-CBN, CNN, etc).


June 28, 2017

Source: Francisco Tranqulino

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