Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Victims of Marcos martial law are the reason for martial law – netizen

President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in all of Mindanao has drawn conspiracies that it might only turn into a Martial Law of the whole land and would be done Marcos-style.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos placed the Philippines under Martial Law on September 21, 1972 in response to the rising violence caused by communists during that time. 

Today, netizen Tessa Roines claimed that the surviving victims of Marcos’ Martial Law make “noise” for the abuses during the Marcos times without realizing that they were the reason for Martial Law in the first place.

Roines said that those who were against Marcos were allies with the Aquinos in the same sense that those who are against Duterte are those who only seek power.

Rants and dissent abound, but Roines argue that the anti-Dutertes have no sugegstions or solutions to offer to the issues being addressed by the current administration.

Roines said that those “noisy people” against Marcos and Duterte can just “shut up” because in these times, no one would believe them anymore.

In her full post on Facebook, Roines said,

"Those people who hated Marcos are the very same people who rubbed shoulders with the Aquinos. The same people who are now against Duterte. They are the very same people who wants to take over the government with no solutions nor suggestions to offer. They just wanted to rant trying to be relevant yet nothing to show that they are more capable and qualified to run the country.

Those who keep making a noise that they were victims, well tough, you were a victim BECAUSE you were the very reason why Martial Law was declared in first place around that time. 

Fast forward with the current events, Martial Law was declared because of the terrorism in Mindanao.

Is it hard to comprehend the logic of Cause and Effect? Shut up noisy people, nobody will believe you anymore! Those years of monopoly in media are gone! You can rant louder as you like but nobody believes you anymore!" #rip

Source: Tessa Roines

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