Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Veteran Journalist bashes critics claiming military is looting and raping in Marawi

Government troops sent to battle against the Maute terrorist group in Marawi City are being bashed online after ABS CBN and Philstar ran news of them allegedly looting empty houses and raping women in the Martial Law-declared Mindanao.

Gabriela Representative Arlene Brosas even claimed having gathered info from Marawi mothers who allegedly sent their daughters to evacuation centers for fear that they might be harassed or raped.

With the surge of news coming from large news outlets and esteemed public figures, netizens have raised concern about the abuse of military power allegedly happening in Mindanao after Martial Law was declared.

A Marawi resident posted on Facebook in the name of Bae sa Bayabao images of her ravaged home which confirms that lootings are occurring across the city, however, despite being a direct victim of the crime, even she did not claim it was the government military’s fault.

Veteran journalist Ira Panganiban posted on her Favebook Page Syet Da Pwet a statement in defense of the government soldiers in Marawi who have to risk their lives to protect the people.

Coming face-to-face with war and terrorists eliminates any opportunity to execute, much less even think of looting or raping Marawi City.

As bombs and guns are dropped and fired, Panganiban argues that it obliges the military to be fully focused in order to win the war.

Instead of making malicious assumptions about the soldiers, she urges critics to think twice about their right to free speech which is secured because the military manages to keep away the terrorists from overtaking the whole nation.

In her full post on Facebook, she said,

"A platoon of Philippine Army soldiers enter a hot spot. Sniper fire and automatic chatter greet them as they approach. They dive and take cover looking for the source of the gunfire. You think they have the time to look for goodies and valuables from houses to loot?

Another platoon on the streets of Marawi is busy with close quarter fighting. They battle ISIS house to house taking fire and casualties at the same time. You think they have time to ruffle through each house while under fire?

A special extraction team of soldiers go through the battle zone to collect and guide civilians out to a safe zone. You think they have time think of sex and rape while enemy fire and friendly bombs are exploding around them?

You guys talking trash should think about this, each and every soldier out in Marawi are there so that we can type all of this BS with freedom and impunity.

Their currency is their life. They pay it on so we can be the assholes that we are doing what we love to do, be irresponsible critics.

My advise to all you who make baseless accusations?

Lead, follow or get out of the way!"


Source: Syet da pwet Facebook page

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