Friday, June 16, 2017

Uson slams Paredes says Duterte isn’t fond of publicities like them

As Special Assistant to the President Bong Go posted photos of himself with President Rodrigo Duterte and of the former signing and reading important documents, former singer-composer Jim Paredes threw a scathing comment.

Why pictures? Show him on TV holding a current newspaper or addressing the people live,” Paredes demanded.

Critics have been consistent in attacking Duterte’s recent absences and putting down any evidence of the President being hard at work or getting his rest like any normal healthy persom.

Duterte bashers have even surmised that the President might be gravely ill or dying which Duterte sympathizers says is just wishful thinking for those who yearn to put Liberal Party (LP) member Vice President Leni Robredo in power.

As for the Mocha Uson Blog, it retorted Paredes comment by saying that, “pasensya ka na Mr. Jim Paredes hindi kasi mahilig si tatay Digong sa publicity tulad ng mga amo niyo.”

The “masters” that the blog indicated in their statement might possibly be LP cohorts or anti-Dutertes whom Paredes sympathizes with.

Netizens have taken to the comment section of the post to express their ire at Paredes’ statement.

Who are you, Jim Paredes, to demand that the President make extra effort to satisfy your psychotic paranoia?!?!” Tiffany Uy Ong Lu commented.

Another netizen spun Paredes’ statement to backfire on the latter.

Why don’t you show a photo of your balls, Jim, with today’s newspaper? No one believes that you have it. Tangna to kaka high blood!” Eula Mae said.

Source: Mocha Uson Blog

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