Saturday, June 3, 2017

Trillanes setting up Duterte to seem like a dictator

Ngayon dahil pinagtatakpan, mapupunta na lang tayo sa ibang modes kung papano lalabas itong katotohanan na ito. So, sa mga ganung paraan, hindi na nila makokontrol kung ano man ang outcome. Maraming paraan. Abangan na lang nila,” Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said in a video created by a certain Mr. Riyoh.

Riyoh pointed out that Trillanes’ camp believes that the truth about President Rodrigo Duterte is that he is a ruthless thug out to become a dictator and abuser, thus, Trillanes is meeting out all possible ways to set up circumstances that would make Duterte look like the dictator Trillanes believes he is.

The terrorist attack in Marawi City is a possible tactic used by Trillanes to force Duterte to declare Martial Law on the city, but instead, Duterte declared all of Mindanao under Martial Law which Riyoh believes was unprecedented in Trillanes’ plans.

With the declaration of Martial Law, protesters rise in fear that it might only be the same Martial Law during Marcos’ time that was linked to several extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses despite the provisions in the 1987 Constitution that forbids the Marcos Martial Law.

Riyoh points out that many of the protesters come from Luzon, not in Mindanao where the siege is concentrated, and those who rally are often paid or hired by the opposition such as University of the Philippines (UP) students and faculty, Kadamay, and other organizations.

The circumstances are further exaggerated by the media which Riyoh claims often worsens the image of incidences than how it really is in reality. 

The chaos created by Trillanes’ camp will then have the senator discredit the President in his speeches.

Another possible scheme that Riyoh proposed was that in the height of Duterte’s Martial Law, Trillanes’ Magdalo may hire men to guise as government soldiers and commit human rights abuses to civilians which would then be linked to Duterte, thus, fortifying his image as a dictator and abuser.

Media and international organizations will bank on the imagery and disseminate information on Duterte’s pseudo-tyranny which will enable international courts to sue the President and empower the United States (US) to interfere in the country’s domestic affairs.

Highlighting the role of the US is integral as they are currently unable to pull the Philippines’ strings because of Duterte’s staunch aversion against them and his hardline stance on sovereignty. 

Without the Philippines on their side, the US will not possess a strategic war base against China.

These were all the theories set in place by Riyoh who admits being an avid supporter of Duterte even before the he became Davao City Mayor.

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