Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trillanes’ make-up the only redeeming aspect of his BBC interview

This was a netizen’s opinion as he tried to sarcastically defend Senator Antonio Trillanes IV after citing his previous military exploits.

Trillanes was one of the leading figures in the Magdalo coup in July 27, 2003 at Oakwood Premier Ayala Center, now Ascott Makati, and is now dubbed as the “Oakwood mutiny”.

Another coup with Trillanes as the leading figure was the takeover of The Peninsula Manila hotel, although Trillanes’ camp eventually surrendered when government forces took them down.

In L Monico’s write-up that was posted by Eric Clark Su, it mocked Trillanes’ coup attempts by labeling the senator as a “conqueror of the malls” and “emancipator of hotel lobbies” after having executed his exploits in prestigious malls and hotels.

Monico even cited that Trillanes had to barge through a “fortress” of “waiters, drivers, cooks and a professionally-trained housekeeping special ops under an experienced no-nonsense concierge to further embarrass Trillanes’ coups.

Eventually, the write-up focused on Sackur’s BBC interview where Trillanes was not only shamed, but was eventually revealed.

Netizens shared the sentiment that the Hard Talk interview had only shown Trillanes’ misinformed and uninformed biases emboldened by his anti-Duterte propaganda.

However, true to his word, Monico did try to defend Trillanes and only ended up by saying that the senator had “fantastic make-up”.

In his full post on Su’s Facebook, Monico said,


By L Monico L Monico

I never had the pleasure of meeting Senator Trillanes in person. I have of course been aware of his military exploits, first in 2003 when he lead a coup and captured Oakwood, a fortress heavily defended by waiters, drivers, cooks and a professionally-trained housekeeping special ops under an experienced no-nonsense concierge.

He made his reputation as the "conqueror of the malls" but added another title in 2007 as the "emancipator of hotel lobbies" when he earned his spurs facing the onslaught of TV camera crews, lights & radio microphones...attacks no less dangerous than live bullets, I assumed, as he risked his life for interviews to meet the 6:30pm "Magandang Gabi Bayan" slot.

The battle in the mass media raged on for...24 hours... until a cease fire was called to prevent further damage to unrefrigerated food (power was cut). And like Gen. Wainwright who heroically surrendered Bataan and Corregidor, "General Trillanes" likewise had to give up the Manila Peninsula lobby, after having had to suffer near starvation with only hors d'oeuvres, canapés and red wine to live by.

But then the other day I was witness to another combat - the "Battle of the BBC". (Everyone needs to watch this video clip, a classic). This time "mano a mano" with Sackur, the host. It was no contest.

At first, I can only imagine the muffled snickers then, torrents of laughter pouring in (in social media) - the ridiculing kind. I can see the bewilderment in the eyes of this clueless senator who is in over his head.

But I am digressing. At the outset I said I will defend Trillanes. So I am. Yes, it's true he looked stupid on TV after being bashed by Sackur; yes his performance on TV was as pathetic as his senate stint; yes Sackur exposed the man for what he is, a charlatan; yes his answers were non-sequitors and totally inane; yes, he is so thick skinned that he allows himself to be verbally slapped and shamed in public; yes he is certainly brain-dead; yes he is an idiot. So what? All these are true, nonetheless he has one thing going for him every time he faces the camera - the envy of all...HE WEARS FANTASTIC MAKE-UP!

So! Anong say mo?"

Source: Eric Clark Su

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