Friday, June 23, 2017

Trillanes claims only poor attacked in anti-drug war, but what about Odicta, Espinosa, and De Lima?

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was quick to relay during his BBC interview negative views about President Rodrigo Duterte’s illegal drug war even when stark evidence could easily negate his opinion.

Social media personality MJ Quiambao Reyes was there to point out a big flaw in Trillanes’ statements about the drug war targeting poor people only.

Reyes said that it seemed Trillanes and his supporters seemed to have forgotten the names of Melvin Odicta, Kerwin Espinosa, and Senator Leila de Lima.

These figures starred largely in the illegal drugs game by either proliferating drug substances or allowing it to.

Reyes emphasized that the anti-drug wars is not a scheme against the “poor and marginalized”, but for everyone involved in the drug trade.

It would only be “natural”, as Reyes explained that more poor people involved in illegal drugs are caught and punished.

She explained it by contrasting the scenario with a corporate setup where there are only a few bosses, but many employees.

Reyes further showed data of 563 High Value Targets arrested and these are drug syndicate leaders, government officials, law enforcers, and foreign nationals involved in the illegal drug trade.

In her full post on Facebook, Reyes said,

"This is in response to Mr. Trillanes's persistent allegation that only the poor are being arrested and killed in PRRD's war on illegal drugs. This is also in reply to the challenge hurled by some well-meaning readers for me to name at least few "big fishes" who got arrested or killed.

Friends, do the names Odicta, Espinosa, and De Lima ring a bell?

If not, then maybe these photos I'm sharing will somehow change your misconception a little and realize that this war on drugs is not a war against the poor & marginalized. The owners and operators of these multi-million mega drug factories are no poor. I hope these information are more than enough to make you believe that this drug war is not limited to the poor.

Natural lang po na mas marami ang mga pushers na mahirap kesa sa mga big time dealers/operators na mayaman. Kumbaga sa isang korporasyon, hindi naman lahat yan ay boss at managers. Mas marami syempre ang mga nasa rank and file level ika nga. One big time drug operator can have a thousand pushers. This explains kung bakit mas marami nahuhuling pushers na nasa laylalayan.

Hindi naman po siguro tama na dahil mahirap ang estado sa buhay ng mga nakakaraming pushers ay hindi na huhulihin at pananagutin sa batas. Dahil kung yung nasa taas lang nila ang matitiklo at hinayaan lang ang mga libu-libong 'mahihirap' na pushers, then these pushers can easily transfer to another master and just continue trading illegal drugs.

Hindi rin po tama na isipin na ang mga nasa taas ay nakakaalpas o pinapaalpas ng gobyerno. Records reveal that there are about 563 High Value Targets arrested (drug syndicate leaders, govt. officials, law enforcers, foreign nationals).

In a world full of Trillanes, it pays to do some research, listen to other reputable sources of information, check official records, and be more than just opionated."

Let's get ourselves and others better informed. :)

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Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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