Thursday, June 8, 2017

Social media warrior Chu urges lawmakers to address bank issue: "They charge you for everything and yet fuck up their service"

Complaints against a recent malfunctioning and defective bank system had flooded social media, thus, social media Krizette Chu calls on legislators to address the banking problem instead of dallying with other small propagandas.

Chu enumerated how often banks charge for just about any transaction one holds with them, from simple inquiry to bouncing checks.

Small or big, banks charge for any request or error they have to address which should amount to enough funds to go into efficient and smooth processing.

Chu, however, points out that despite the fees, banks cannot expedite processing causing long lines and cases of systemic glitches that disable customers from getting hold of their money.

Worst of all, Chu points out that banks are not penalized for their shortcomings.

In her full post on Facebook, Chu said,

"Banks charge you for the littlest of things.

You request a new ATM card because yours isn't working anymore, they charge. 

You withdraw money from a competitor, they charge. 

You so much just as inquire balance, they charge.

You withdraw money in foreign currency, they charge.

You send money to your relatives in the PH, they charge plus they get to dictate the rates. 

You do interbank withdrawals, they charge. You deposit to your checking account too late, they charge. You have a credit card, they charge you for the privilege. You request for a checkbook, they charge. You request for a bank statement, they charge for a piece of paper. You request for a certificate, they charge again. You just exceed even P5 pesos overdraft, they charge in the thousands. You bounce a check even if check has not been cleared by other party yet, they charge.

And yet so many banks fuck up their service, make you wait in long lines, inconvenience you with their glitches, and there is no penalty for them. 

How unfair is life.

Ito dapat ang pinag tutuunan ng pansin ng mg lawmakers natin, hindi yung kung ano-anong kap*tahan."

Source: Krizette Chu Facebook account

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