Thursday, June 29, 2017

Senator Gordon scolds Human Rights Group: 'Where’s the proof on killings?'

Senator Gordon scolds Human Rights Group: 'Where’s the proof on killings?'
Senator Richard Gordon slams the International Human Rights Group that soiled President Duterte's rule as "Human rights calamity." Senator Gordon was the chairman of Senate Justice and Human Rights Committee. He said that there is no “actual proof” yet on the alleged extra-judicial killings in the country.

“This is an advocacy group that has to sustain its momentum so that resources can be provided to them. I’m not accusing them of taking advantage but they just have to earn their pay,” Gordon said during ANC interview.

The senator was referring to the Human Rights Watch (HRW) group, saying that Duterte caused human rights calamity as the repercussion of ‘war on drugs’, drug-related overcrowding of jails, and the harassment and prosecution of drug war critics.

Gordon said that he wanted these groups to come out and bring the evidence of human rights violation because they chided Duterte's administration. “All I want is for these groups to come out and get the evidence because right now, when you come down and look at the Duterte administration - and I’m not going to say that that’s a justification - people seem to be agreeing with the peace and order campaign,” Gordon stated. Gordon added that Duterte was being backed up by the people because there were no actual proof presented.

“When there’s a political element to it, there is a hook that will allow a lot of publicity -- look, a President doing something, in their perception, or perhaps, the President is really doing it -- they go ahead with this,” Gordon concluded.

Source: GMA News Online


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