Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rappler posts malicious story about Duterte’s travels like a bored housewife would spread rumor

Rappler online news site has gained reputation amongst its dissenters as a publisher of malicious content for stating selective facts and not giving enough context.

Carlos Munda of Mindanation wrote about his thoughts on Rappler’s “passive aggressive” writing style where they dish out verifiable information but “loaded with innuendo and half-truths” that has made the content malicious.

Munda particularly tackled a recent article of Rappler written by Pia Ranada where it details President Rodrigo Duterte’s spending on foreign travels and compared it to former presidents.

Rappler’s story “Duterte's foreign trips cost thrice more than predecessors'” implied some wrongdoing and extravagance on the part of Duterte for having spent Php386.2 million on foreign trips in his first year as President.

Munda was further dismayed at Ranada’s implication of a delay in the release of information regarding Duterte’s trips when other government offices, such as the Vice President’s, where requests are not even granted.

Ranada’s story on Duterte’s trips were categorized as investigative, but Munda argued that it does not fit into the investigative format because of the lack of “cost-to-benefit comparisons”, “geo-political implications”, and other thorough analysis.

Munda compares Ranada’s style to that of bored housewives who simply spread rumor where part of it is truth, but most is twisted.

Readers and netizens now are more aware of Rappler’s propaganda, as Munda argues. Spinning news stories have long been practiced by news organizations to make themselves favorable to their political or financial interests.

Munda says that media corporations have long served their wealthy clients and spread propaganda, and yet have the gall to call out their readers as too stupid to discern which story is fake or not.

Munda warned Rappler to stay away from “our” President.

Source: Mindanation

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