Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Public focused on Duterte’s 1st year, but how about Leni?

Critics and supporters alike are ganging up on President Rodrigo Duterte’s first year in office, but social media warrior Krizette Laureta Chu asks why is there no same interest for Vice President Leni Robredo’s performance in the first year considering that she holds the second highest position in the land and was sworn into her position on the same day Duterte was.

Chu was also dismayed at Leni’s camp for dissing questions regarding the Vice President’s financial sources. The lack of transparency surrounding Leni’s eldest daughter Aika Robredo’s Harvard tuition, the family’s foreign trips, and the Naga Leaks expose of We Are Collective (WAC) regarding Jesse Robredo’s drug and jueteng history has provoked controversy and upset.

Holding a public office requires Leni to be transparent about her financial capacity, or else she would be subject to allegations of corruption and other crimes.

Chu  admits supporting Leni despite living a community of anti-Lenis and adds that as a taxpayer, she has the right to know the answers to the questions about Leni’s wealth.

In her full post on Facebook, Chu said,

"Everyone focused on Duterte's one year in office.

And Leni's? Saan na ang One Year in Office? Hindi ba sila sabay?

Bakit ba GALIT na GALIT ang supporters niya at dinidivert ang issue every time someone asks after Aika's source of tuition, her foreign trips, the allegations of WAC re her husband's drug or jueteng ties?

I have every right to make her accountable and question her, after all I campaigned for her and supported her up until Yolanda memorial and her non action in Leyte, and was easy on her up until Typhoon Nina, and only broke up with her completely during the UN video of palit ulo?

Bawal magtanong? Bat walang sagot?

As a daughter of an Ilokano and Waray, and coming from Marcos bailiwicks, it wasn't easy to be a Marcos hater and a Leni supporter to my family and friends who disliked her from the get go. I've gotten into verbal tussles because of her.

I think I deserve to have answers to my burning questions. Plus I fucking pay taxes to keep that useless, secretive OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT going."

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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