Saturday, June 10, 2017

Political comms expert slams Hontiveros: 'Your brain is more evil than Martial Law'

Political comms expert slams Hontiveros: 'Your brain is more evil than Martial Law'
From a Canadian Political Scientist to a historian to an RTC judge, Senator Risa Hontiveros might have a long list of critics for the year 2017.

Who can blame them? Her opinion regarding some extremist group was unthinkable for some, to others, they would not expect such irresponsible statement coming from a lawmaker, a public official whom the citizens bet their trust into.

Mike Acebedo Lopez, a Political Communications Professional, slammed Hontiveros for that same interview where she received numerous criticisms. He said that the people conclude that she is a very foolish person.

He pointed out that it was her lame interview about the Maute that pushed her critics to create memes which are wrongfully tagged to the senator, and seemed like defending the group.

Read the full post below.

Filipinos have become united in making a stand alright, and that is to conclude that you are an idiot.

Sure, one of those memes circulating wrongfully attributes a quote to you, it was more of a lampoon, really, but it was a satire inspired by that actual interview where you all but exonerated the Maute, reducing their crime if only to attack Martial Law.

For your puny brain, everything is more evil than Martial Law, more evil than even terrorism. If the gates of hell were upon us, you'd still choose eternal inferno and Lucifer himself as a lesser evil than Martial Law. What a gaga.

Source:  Mike Acebedo Lopez


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