Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pinoy-at-heart British Malcolm Conlan congratulates BBC host Stephen Sackur

It seemed the host was better researched and informed than the guest as was the case in the BBC Hard Talk interview show hosted by Stephen Sackur with special guest Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

This was British Duterte supporter Malcolm Conlan’s sentiments as he congratulated Sackur’s hosting skills in an open letter he posted on Facebook.

Conlan cited how prepared Sackur was with his questions and fact, and even seemed to be well-versed with the “real issues” Filipinos are currently facing and the facts as to how the Duterte administration is addressing those problems.

On Trillanes’ part, Conlan commented that it was commendable of Sackur to have seen part the senator’s biased views that even led to “a false, misguided and erroneous legal campaign against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and his War On Drugs at the ICC (International Criminal Court)”.

Sackur was also keen on knowing and understanding the popularity of Duterte amongst the Filipinos and what this implies about his political strategies.

Hard Talk did well in its role of challenging Trillanes’ obstinate negative outlook of the Duterte administration.

Conlan expressed his appreciation, along with that of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), towards the thorough interview done by Sackur.

In his full post on Facebook, Conlan said,

"An Open Letter of Feedback sent to the BBC earlier today.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to you to personally congratulate Stephen Sackur on the excellent episode of Hard Talk this week, where the special guest was Philippine Senator Antonio Trillanes.

It was very clear from the start of the interview that Stephen had gone to a great deal of effort to understand the real issues many Filipinos are greatly concerned over, especially the relentless campaign by Senator Trillanes to pursue in my personal view, a false, misguided and erroneous legal campaign against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and his War On Drugs at the ICC.

I am particularly grateful to Stephen for his understanding of the popularity of the President and his team.

It is very clear that Stephen although being unbiased in his show, was able to challenge senator Trillanes over his constant negative criticism of President Duterte. Stephen has yet again demonstrated as he did in his previous episode from the Philippines, that he understands the real issues faced by Filipinos back home.

I can say without doubt that many Filipinos back home in the Philippines and indeed overseas filipino workers (OFW's) including some of my own family are very appreciative of the work by the BBC and Stephen Sackur in showcasing the Philippines in a more positive light, particularly at a time when some of the worlds media seek to potray President Rodrigo Duterte in a negative light over his War on Drugs, Crime and Corruption, all of which are in keeping with his desire to improve life in the Philippines for the Filipino people.

Once again, please pass on my grateful thanks to Stephen from my family and I am sure at least 16 million Filipinos worldwide."

Best regards
Malcolm Conlan
British Citizen with a love of the Philippines and her people, 

Source: Malcolm Conlan

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