Friday, June 30, 2017

Paula Knack demands Hontiveros to explain Philhealth P1.7B illegal bonuses

Senator Risa Hontiveros remains mum so far as the illegal bonuses of Philhealth during her term as board member is concerned.

With the unauthorized bonuses amounting to a whooping total of Php 1.76 billion, the public cries for transparency and explanation from Hontiveros who sat as Philhealth board member in 2014, a year after the illegal bonuses were declared.

Social media warrior Paula Defensor Knack demanded that Hontiveros explain the suspicious funds which she underlined were stolen right under the noses of “sick and dead people”.

Thinking Pinoy’s RJ Nieto was even requested by Knack to conduct the Freedom of Information (FOI) on the Philhealth funds, particularly on the outstanding obligations before, during, and after Hontiveros’ term and compare it to the date of the funds’ releases and Hontiveros’ campaign ads.

Knack posted queries on the illegal bonuses regarding the system of release, which Knack assumed might have been “staggered” instead of release in one go.

Additionally, Philhealth was recorded to have a massive backlog in unpaid reimbursements to its clients and other bills which lasted long into Hontiveros’ term.

Despite these problems in Philhealth, Hontiveros did no action whatsoever to resolve the issues even when Philhealth was already violating laws of the land and did not receive presidential approval on its allocation of funds.

Knack also disclosed that besides not addressing the illegal bonuses, Hontiveros went on a “campaign blitz” as soon as she got to be board member and spent  Php 440,000 per showing of her ads which makes it suspicious as to how Hontiveros managed to accumulate funds for her ads when Philhealth had outstanding obligations.

In her full post on Facebook, Knack said,

"VIRAL !! ............SAGUTIN MO HONTIVEROS !...nagkutchaba kayo para may panggastos ka at the expense of sick and dead people !!  👊👊👊👠👠🇵🇭️🇵🇭️🇵🇭️ Thinking Pinoy RJ Nieto - ito ang ipa FOI.....outstanding obligations before/during/after her term, when bonuses were declared vs. date of releases, cost of campaign ads. Thank you. "

Source: Paula Defensor-Knack

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