Saturday, June 17, 2017

National Defense expert says LP pushes Robredo to assume the Presidency

National Defense expert says LP pushes Robredo to assume the Presidency
The rumor saying that Pres. Duterte was ill was very malicious. In fact, they pushed too much. Why is it that these yellow people love to believe that the President was dying? Because they want VP Robredo to hold the Presidency for the reasons that only them would know.

National defense expert Abe Purugganan noticed that these LP personas love talking about Duterte’s illness, if there really is. He shared a screenshot of a tweet from Vicky Garchitorena stating “Why is he in leather jacket? It’s so hot!!! Is he hiding something from us? He is usually just in a shirt.”

He said that the LP is rushing to put Robredo into power. He further asks the readers if they would allow to be ruled by a yellow leader again. To the extent that they are waiting for Duterte’s death.  Alt Supreme Court tweeted, “We are waiting for a formal announcement, then after that we will proclaim the new president.”

Purugganan then stressed the urgency to resolve the election fraud complaint filed by Bongbong Marcos in the Vice Presidential position so that these LP people can shut their mouths.

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Nagmamadaling itong mga dilaw na paupuin si VP Robredo na presidente. Ipinagdarasal nilang mawala na si Pres Duterte para makabalik sila sa poder.

Papayag pa ba kayong makabalik pa itong mga dilaw sa poder at muli silang maghari?

Dapat madesisyonan na ang kasong pandaraya ng LP sa nakaraan eleksiyon at paupuin na si Bongbong Marcos na VP para manahimik na itong mga oposisyon.
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Please answer your question Miss Garchitorena, the President is wearing a black leather jacket because:

a. He’s a rockstar
b. He’s the literal “Ang Probinsiyano”
c. He’s The Punisher of all corrupt, criminals and crooked minded people
d. All of the above

Source: Abe Purugganan


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