Sunday, June 25, 2017

Int'l travel blogger reveals 5 reasons why Philippines is his most favorite country

Int'l travel blogger reveals 5 reasons why Philippines is his most favorite country
Public figure and a travel blogger, Drew Binsky kept on posting in his Facebook page all his adventures and journeys around the globe. Last June 20, Binsky broadcasted a video stating the five reasons why Philippines is his favorite country.

Binsky said that Philippines is so beautiful, imagine an unlimited beaches, year round sunshine,  happy people everywhere, the warm welcome of the locals and convincing the viewers that Philippines is a happy place.

The five reasons why Binsky love the Philippines was as follows:

1. The People- the Filipinos were hospitable and genuinely the friendliest. Binsky also said that almost everyone speaks English that is why language barrier is not an issue. People are also welcoming according to Binsky.

2. Natural Beauty- Binsky also said that Philippines showcases a wide variety of nature wonders from the beaches to volcanoes , the waters and the wildlife.

3. Affordability- Binsky also stated that Philippines is one of the cheapest country to have a tour because the food, the transportation and services were available at a low cost.

4. Convenience- Binsky loves exploring the Philippines because of its convenience. The tourists can travel using the jeepney, uber, or motorcycle. There were scattered stores in every location which makes it easiest for the tourist to travel.

5. Food, Fresh fruits and coconuts- Since Philippines is a tropical country, fruit bearing trees and coconut trees are abundant in the country.  Binsky also loved the Filipino dishes and mentioned sinigang, sisig, lechon, halo-halo and bulalo as his personal favorites.

This video of Binsky is very evident that there are a lot of reasons to visit and fall in love with the Philippines. Indeed, our country  is one of the best tourist destinations and we must do everything to keep the praises coming from tourists because their testimonies can really make or break our tourism industy. To all the tourists out there-come, explore and enjoy our country, and share to the world why everyone needs to #Experience Philippines.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Drew Binsky


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