Monday, June 12, 2017

Int'l Political Commentator slams Robredo for doing ‘photo-ops’ at the arrival of fallen Marines

Amir Assadollahi, a Canadian Political Scientist, slams no other than VP Leni Robredo for using the death of the Marines for her ‘good publicity’. Assadollahi apologized for the bereaved family of the fallen  marines, but he said that he cannot help himself to comment on the VP’s photo ops.

Assadollahi said that RObredo attended the arrival honors just to have some ‘photo-ops’. He said that she was there with no love, no heartfelt care and no respect toward the Philippines and Filipinos; that those soldiers sacrificed their lives to protect the citizens and defend the country. He also observed that what Robredo says was in contrary to her actions. He said that her act was just a political strategy and not a show of true respect.

He expressed his deepest sympathy for the Filipino soldiers. As Robredo make them as a subject of her political game and used them for her political ambitions.

“If she was really a true human, she would have fully cooperated with the policies of the government on their war against drugs, criminality and corruption,” he said. He also added that Pres. Duterte expressed his serious commitment to bring back democracy in the Philippines and his administration strive to creat peace, law and order, justice, development, growth and transparency, prosperity for all citizens to end corruption, criminality and illegal drugs (which was proliferated by the Yellow Party).

“People like Leni Robredo, Hontiveros, De Lima and Trillanes are line leaches that are sucking the blood of society and draining away what sustains society for their own survival.” He described them as pests in the garden that attacks the roots of the plant and that gardeners must remove them because these people are the ones killing the democracy and opposes the government’s war against drugs.

Assadollahi said that the government reforms: war on illegal drugs, criminality, corruption and terrorism ‘shakes them away’ and must be removed in order to keep them from harming the roots of democracy.

“Those clowns are like chameleon that change color to bland in and not be noticed as leaches and pests, but a lizard is a lizard no matter they do, they are cold blooded in nature.”

Source: Amir Assadollahi


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