Thursday, June 29, 2017

Independent foreign policy is one of best feats in Duterte’s 1st year

Political analysts and professors have gathered around and concluded that President Rodrigo Duterte’s independent foreign policy has proven to be one of the strongest feats in his first year as president.

Political analyst Ramon Casiple emphasized that the benefits of Duterte’s foreign policy did not only rake in economic benefits and profits, but also fostered stronger ties among other nation.

Our special relationship with the US, he was able to normalize it. The same with China, Russia, Asean, Middle East countries, and so on,” Casiple said.

As the ASEAN integration takes place, the current administration has made the right steps in ensuring Philippines’ transition and camaraderie with other countries.

University of the Philippines Asian Center Professor Dr. Aileen Baviera noted how Duterte’s foreign policy made other nations consider the goods and services that Philippines can provide.

In terms of impact, the Philippines has been strategic again in the eyes of other countries so they also balance as to how they can get from the Philippines what they need from their perspective,” Baviera said.

The dean of the Ateneo School of Government Dr. Ronald Mendoza, on the other hand, mentioned that Duterte’s foreign policy should not be the only focus of his government given that other ills plague the nation.

It seems that many countries say that the punitive approach is not what should be pushed. In fact, punitive approach alone doesn’t work. We have many parts of the system that should be focused on—the health approach in combating drugs, treatment,” he said.

With 16 million voters who placed their faith in Duterte, the current government vows to fulfill its promises to the people who placed him there.

Mendoza further highlights the fact that one year is not enough to measure the success or failure of an administration.

It’s unfair to judge his first year and think that he can do everything. This is just a barometer of the government’s direction,” Mendoza said.

Source: UNTV

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