Sunday, June 4, 2017

HEARTBREAKING: A Young Syrian Survivor has a powerful message to the world

MUST WATCH: A Young Syrian Survivor has a powerful message to the world
AJ+, an international news/media company, shared a video of a young boy saying his powerful message to the world.

An unidentified Syrian boy was recorded expressing his thoughts on the terrors in Syria. In the boy’s face, we can see a distressed young Syrian who has lost its chance of a happy childhood rather experienced the terrors of being caught in a war.

The conflict in Syria began more than six years ago, between the supporters of the government and the rebels. In 2014 Islamic State began to take over Syria and the destruction that war causes, aside from the killings, were so unbearable for the Syrian people.

The Syrian refugees crossed borders to save their lives, but many didn’t survive during the transit.

In the video, the child said that the Arab, and all silent countries to wake up. “Every day we lose families, people. We only have God.”

The boy seemed so distressed that he looks older than he was. The terror of seeing people killed, when everybody loses their own lives in the hands of lawlessness individuals is unbearable to us adults, how much more to a boy like him?

The unending war took a lot, from the children, from women, from the families, the hope to live a peaceful life and a dream of unity.

See the video below.

Source: AJ+


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