Sunday, June 25, 2017

Carlos Celdran bashed by netizens for protecting Trillanes

Tour guide and performer Carlos Celdran who became notorious for his Damaso stint in front of a church was recently bashed by netizens for defending Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s BBC interview.

BBC Hard Talk with Stephen Sackur had Trillanes as its guest to talk about the state of the Philippines, in which Trillanes had used the opportunity to attempt to besmirch President Rodrigo Duterte’s reputation and anti-drug war.

However, Trillanes’ attempts were foiled as Sackur dropped hardliner questions that focused on facts and public sentiment. Netizens were quick to shame Trillanes for his embarrassing interview.

Celdran, on the other hand, posted on Facebook that while he was not a big supporter of Trillanes, he opined that the BBC interview “wasn’t as bad” as dissenters made it seem.

It was a desperate act on the part of Trillanes haters to make the interview seem worse than it really is and, as Celdran puts it, it was “much adobo over nothing.”

As Celdran urged Trillanes to “ignore the hate machine”, netizens commented on Celdran’s post in protest to his viewpoint.

Netizen Rj Lucero hinted at Celdran’s link to the Yellows by commenting, “hahaha… Why bite the hands that feeds you… Ayt yellowtard?

Another netizen, Jeff Valcorza, simply stated that in Celdran’s case “money speaks louder than principle”.

Kitz Barja concluded that Celdran was “born to be hated” and even said that Celdran “should have been swallowed at birth by a crocodile”.

Source: Carlos Celdran

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