Thursday, June 22, 2017

BBC interview reveals stupidity of opposition

The BBC Hard Talk interview with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV proved disastrous for the opposition as the senator only showed the lack of knowledge and sincerity of anti-Dutertes.

Netizens have expressed their dismay at the opposition’s constant bickering and bashing, even bringing various insubstantial cases to Supreme Court and International Criminal Court just to shame President Rodrigo Duterte.

Netizen Abe Purugganan refers back to the BBC interview and enumerated the opposition’s political blunders.

Trillanes has proven that the opposition is “confused” as to what democracy is and how it works given the logic they use once it comes to arguing about Duterte’s strategy and how the people react to it.

Additionally, they dish out negative comments and believe that the anti-drug campaign ofDuterte is a failure which is hardly the public opinion.

A lot of the opposition’s effort are dedicated to destroying Duterte through legal actions and supporting information and witnesses who will affirm that Duterte is some kind of thug.

Contrary to the opposition, Purugganan also assessed what the BBC interview revealed about the Duterte presidency.

In his full post on Facebook, Purugganan said,

"A POLITICAL ASSESSMENT (Thanks to BBC & Mr. Trillianes)


1. They are confused about what democracy is all about.
2. They do not believe that the war on drugs is working.
3. Their comments are constantly negative.
4. They are out of tune with the ordinary Filipino opinion.
5. They are very committed to bringing legal action against Duterte.
6. They offer help and protection for witnesses who will stand against Duterte.
7. They put so much faith in a self-acknowledged mass-murderer.
8. They are bashing their heads against a brick wall to pin down Duterte.
9. They don’t know their faith in the law, national & international, is taking them.
10. They might spend a few years in prison.


1. Duterte is difficult to pin down.
2. Duterte represents a movement to change how politics works in the Philippines. 
3. Duterte’s interest is for the poor and for the disadvantage and not for the elite and the oligarchs based in Manila. 
4. Duterte is committed to a radical poverty elimination program. 
5. Duterte’s programs appeal to many people.
6. Duterte is the man to clean up the country.
7. Duterte-ism is working for the Philippines.
8. Duterte is doing a decent job and Filipinos acknowledged it.

Did I miss something?"

Source: Abe Purugganan

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