Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alleged arsonist and LP’s PR Philip Lustre slammed for insulting SAF44 families

Having called out the families of the slain 44 soldiers sent to handle the Mamasapano Massacre as having a “sense of entitlement” and making “unnecessary annoying noises”, Philip Lustre, Jr. is now receiving the brunt of netizens’ ire.

Lustre was allegedly a former Personal Relations (PR) officer of the 2016 Mar-Leni campaign, veteran journalist, and an alleged arsonist who social media personality Mark Lopez described as “cowardly” and shameless for using the misery of the Special Armed Forces (SAF) 44’s families to play “dirty politics”.

Lopez could not help but compare how Lustre’s lack of apathy and incompetent negligence is similar to the apathy and negligence of the Aquino administration which Lustre favors.

The netizen reposted a dedication he wrote for the SAF44 back in January 28, 2015 just to prove a point to Lustre.

In his full post on Facebook, Lopez said,

"Note: Philip Lustre is a disgusting piece of human shit who cowardly takes aim at the fallen 44, and shamelessly uses them just to play his dirty politics.

Now that you have reminded us Mr Lustre of this tragedy, allow me to return the favor to you and how your favorite admin is the primary reason why your observance about the behavior of the SAF families is what they are -- due to incompetence negligence and most of all apathy! 😡😡😡


Right now I am dead. My body is riddled with bullets. My heart was punctured, my brain obliterated, and my soul is now wandering and wondering.

My blood is all over the marshes of Mamasapano, and slowly trickling down into the hands of those who betrayed me.

I am now lifeless. My family is now fatherless and brotherless, and this government has one less personnel to worry about.

I am dead, not because I want to, but because I have to. I am dead, not for my sake but for the sake of peace, and for the sake of everyone in this country.

I am dead because I followed an order. Just like that. As what was said in a movie about soldiers, I follow orders, or people die. In my case, I was the one who ended up dead.

I am dead because an armed struggle cannot be resolved. I am dead because there are dangers lurking in our midst, and I have to be used to shield everyone else against that danger.

I am dead because my leaders say I have to be dead, in order for their greed and ambition to remain alive. I have to die mercilessly and senselessly, because somebody up in our chain of command must live irresponsibly and shamelessly.

Am I the only one who died? Perhaps not. Even truth, decency, nobility and the sense of responsibility also died with me. These values are now dead as well, their importance punctured, their worth obliterated, and their meaning now wandering and wondering.

I am dead, and I am now silenced forever. But when you look into my remains, know that I am screaming, that I am shouting, that I am clamoring for the truth to come out!

I can no longer speak. But my death is more than enough message. Maybe I did not die in vain. Maybe with my demise, my countrymen will rise. I hope my death becomes a springboard for action. I hope not to become just a statistic, not just a body count, not just collateral damage, and not just a casualty of war.

I hope my death would make a difference.

I hope my death would bring change.

With my departure, I hope my fellowmen will become aware, and will be awaken from their stupor of indifference and discord.

Because now that I am dead, it is up to you to keep my cause alive.

(I originally wrote and posted this January 28, 2015)"

Source: Mark Lopez

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