Saturday, June 24, 2017

A powerful illustration of Duterte and the 'yellows' that everyone needs to see!

Leni Robredo Fashion Diary shared a powerful photo that will make us realize how 'yellow' people wanted to pull Duterte to their own mudpile.

The Facebook page shared us that we, the farmers, the youth, the women, the peasants, the masses, the different faces of a Filipino were fighting for the same reason that President Duterte is fighting. Unfortunately, there were some groups of people who wants to pull Duterte down, making it hard for the President to achieve the government reform that he has promised to us.

In the illustration, we can see the masses, hand-in-hand altogether, pulling up Duterte for them to stand and fight with him in the unending battle of economic and social injustices, high scale corruption and unending criminality.

Photo from Facebook
At the bottom of illustration however we see the Liberal Gang trying to put down Duterte and prevent him to deliver the most sought change that the Filipino people are waiting for and we can notice Uncle Sam and a Chinese spectator, watching the troubles that the Yellow People causes.

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Actually, it's not about Duterte. It's about what Duterte, you and I are fighting for: Our Country and Children's Future. Duterte is us. We are Duterte. Philippines is US. We are Philippines.

And if the LIBERAL PARTY GANGBANGERS don't want change AND they'll keep on blocking CHANGE that we badly NEED, then they all should be PURGED.


Source: Leni Robredo Fashion Diary


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