Friday, May 26, 2017

Western reporter insults Duterte, calls him a brutal, murderist leader

President Rodrigo Duterte’s political strategies and antics have reached the concern of international communities which prompted some foreign intervention and comments on the current state of the Philippines, however one Western reporter threw insults against Duterte after Duterte allegedly received classified intel from President Donald Trump.

Jesse Dollemore from Occupy Democrats Report called Duterte a “brutal, murderist leader” who should not be entrusted highly classified information about the United States of America.

The reporter cited how Dutert has “no fondness or respect or adherence to the rule of law in his own country” because of over 7,000 extrajudicial killings allegedly caused by his anti-drug war.

Rigoberto Tiglao of Manila Times had already previously broken down the Philippine National Police report on recorded police-related deaths and clarified the 7,000 deaths linked to the anti-drug war that local news outfits disseminated was gravely erroneous. However, Dollemore still cited this figure.

Dollemore frowned upon how Duterte “bragged” about his killing sprees that involve taking criminals on a helicopter ride just to dump them into the ocean to die. 

He labelled the President as a “murderist thug” for having been linked to a spate of killings less than a year into his office.

Dollemore’s report divulged that Duterte allegedly received intel from Trump regarding two nuclear submarines stationed near North Korea during a phone call between the two leaders.

Source: Occupy Democrats

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