Sunday, May 21, 2017

UP College of Law Alumnus lectures Bam Aquino: Congress, not Duterte passes taxation, if you don't like higher taxes, don't impose it

An alumnus of the University of the Philippines Diliman rebutted Senator Bam Aquino  after the latter  commented on the high taxes imposed to the Filipino people.

Aquino's statement followed the recent refusal of President Rodrigo Duterte  of the 250 million Euros foreign aid from the European Union.

"If we are refusing aid because we are self-sufficient, why are we planning to burden our countrymen with more taxes that might raise prices of goods even higher?" the Senator said.

PM Dizon replied to the statement through his Facebook page, "Bam Aquino, it is Congress that passes the laws on taxation, not the Presidnett. If you don't like to impose higher taxes, then don't impose it. Or better, maybe you can lower income taxes for the  middle class."

Aquino, along with another Liberal Party Senator, Risa Hontiveros reacted to the refusal of the aid.

“Sa takbo ng mga pangyayari, mukhang Palasyo lang ang nakakaalam ng mga detalye sa direksyon na nais nilang tahakin," he said.

"These expose the government’s lack of a clear foreign policy framework on how to deal with foreign aid. I strongly suggest that the [administration] think this over carefully,” Hontiveros said in another statement.

EU has been known to comment on Duterte's proposals for the country, condemining his war against drugs, his proposal to bring back death penalty and the detention of Senator Leila de Lima.



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