Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This poem written to give tribute to our fallen soldiers will surely make us burst into tears

This poem written to give tribute to our fallen soldiers will surely make us burst into tears
'Aming ligaya na 'pag may mang-aapi, ang mamatay ng dahil sa 'yo.'

This line of our national anthem was very true to our mighty soldiers in Mindanao, especially those who lost their lives during the encounter with the rebels who are causing terror attacks in Mindanao. These soldiers wholeheartedly stood by their decree and defended the country until their last breath.

A poem giving tribute to our soldiers are currently circulating and trending in social networking sites as this poem tells us the unspoken thoughts of brave men in uniform.

Netizens were able to relate on the message of the poem especially now that Southern Philippines is under the attack of the notorious Maute Group.

There are two battles being fought by the soldiers. One is the battle outside, the battle for the peace and freedom of this nation. The other battle they want to conquer is within them-they have to fight their emotions, they have to deny their personal desires and disregard the comfort being with their family just to uphold the virtues of being a good soldier and to accomplish the missions with full loyalty to the government.

Indeed, no other men can do such selfless act but our soldiers, who our willing to sacrifice their lives for our motherland.

See full post below to read the heartbreaking poem.


If i die in a war zone,
Box me up and send me home,

Put my medals in my chest,
Tell my mom i did my best,

Tell my dad not to bow,
He won't get tension from me now,

Tell my brother to study perfectly,
Keys of my bike will be his permanently,

Tell my sis not to be upset,
Her bro will not rise after this sunset,

Tell my love not to cry,


Source: 911 Philippines Supporter


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