Friday, May 26, 2017

'Stop taking advantage of the Marawi siege by attacking Duterte' --UP alumnus to anti-Duterte people

'Stop taking advantage of the Marawi siege by attacking Duterte' --UP alumnus to anti-Duterte people
Some obnoxious people just can't keep their mouth shut that they express their unsolicited advice, regardless of how sensitive the issue is, sans thoroughly thinking of its implications.

Facebook netizen Rachel Amestoso aired her thoughts regarding the people who floods social media with their tirade against Duterte, instead of the terrorists, amidst Marawi City Siege.

The UP alumnus was compelled to call out PRRD’s bashers as they take advantage of the city's chaos by blaming the President.

"Stop taking advantage of the tragic happenings in Marawi by attacking Duterte.", she started.

Truth be told, the ones who regularly criticize the President and his government are mostly part of the opposition. Hence, she pointed out "We know you hate him since day one".

In times of chaos, unity and strength are needed to overcome tough moments. Needless to say, trusting the elected leader of majority and supporting the decision he thinks is best for his countrymen to combat whoever tries to ruin his country is the least its citizens can do.

Amestoso added "but being cocky about "knowing" that "it's all an excuse to declare martial law" is insensitive and desperate”.

Inevitably, there will always be the ones who will be skeptical about his leadership. However, questioning the motives of what the latter does in attempt to bring back peace and order would cause more harm than good as it creates a division amongst Filipinos - though there may be some whose intentions are nothing but for the common good.

Opposition’s rally is fueled by the president’s recently declared Martial Law lest this seems as though a revival of the feared Marcos'. This, unfortunately, prompted the ones who think highly of themselves to believe that it would pave the way in turning the Mindanao-limited law into its implementation across the whole country. However, insensitivity and desperation consume many that they forget the gravity of its impact.

“Are you enjoying this? Because it's an opportunity for you to be prophetic?” she asked.

She continued her rant by saying “You hate what you call "blind Duterte followers" but being an obsessed anti-Duterte is just as pathetic.” And concluded with a two-word epic statement “Shut up”


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