Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sen. Gordon comments on withdrawal of EU aid: ‘Friends don’t give aid with conditions’

President Rodrigo Duterte's pronouncement of refusing any aids or grants from the European Union (EU) elicits support from Senator Richard Gordon as the latter gave his speech during a turnover ceremony for a two-story vocational training center.

The training center was donated by the Bahrain Royal Charity Organization (RCO) to the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) which Gordon is chairman of.

The Bahrain RCO donated Php 5.3 million to construct the center inside the compund of the PRC at Magsaysay Boulevard.

The center will serve as a classroom for skills training on electrical installation and maintenance, plumbing technology, carpentry, masonry, cooking and massage therapy, among others.

“My friends here, they do not give me aid with conditions. You know, (if) you are a friend you help not with conditions and not judge us right away,” the senator said.

Bahrain’s RCO secretary general Dr. Mustafa Alsayed responded to Gordon saying that Bahrain would "never" set conditions in giving donations or assistance to the Philippines.

“They came here. We fortify our friendship,” the senator said.

The Philippines currently stands to lose Php 70 billion aid from the EU, but while there are threats to the economy, Gordon asserts that this is a way of gaining respect from other countries.

“There will always be economic fallout. That will be a challenge to us. We prepare ourselves. So, we must straighten ourselves that we cannot rely forever on aids. That we must help ourselves. That’s the only (way) we’ll have respect from others,” he said.

Source: Inquirer


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