Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sara Duterte lashes at Raissa Robles: ‘Hanggang Twitter ka lang!'

Investigative journalist Raissa Robles was slammed by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte after her controversial tweet citing a news story where the Sara released guidelines on President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law.

In her tweet, Robles said, “But Sarah Duterte is NOT the President of the Philippines. She can’t issue guidelines without that pc of paper called Martial Law declaration”.

Seemingly offended by the journalist’s remark, Sara was quick to reply to Robles saying, “I am Mayor of Davao City. Hindi mo kasi binasa ang sinulat na guide for DABAWENYOS. Palibhasa hanggang twitter ka alng. #featherweight”.

The online standoff seems to have been rooted in Robles’ misinterpretation of the news or of the guidelines Sara made for her Davao citizens.

Sara merely detailed safety precautions Dabawenyos should take now that Martial Law is declared.

It is also in line with the vigilant measures Dabawenyos must maintain while a terrorist attack still looms in Mindanao.

Robles was criticized online for her harsh comments against Sara’s well-meaning issuance of guidelines.

“And if you do not know what you're saying, just please SHUT UP and bite your tongue! Ayan, BURN Raissa, BURN!” I Am Pinoy, Proud Ako Facebook Page posted citing the exchange between Robles and Sara.

Other netizens even linked Robles’ scathing remark as a reflection of the Yellows who constantly criticize the Duterte administration and its supporters.

“Hahahahahaha tong mga dilawan twing buka ng bibig nila sungal-ngal agad ng KARMA eh!! Hahahaha Ang TANGA kasi..basta lang nakisawsaw sa isyu hindi muna nagiisip!!! Wag ka magalala yang si Mayor Sarah na yan ang sunod na magpapasakit at magpapadugo ng dilaw nyong dugo! Kasi sya next na maging preaident after tatay Digong!!!” Netizen Margie Rose Carpenterz commented.

Another netizen, Mirasol Smvp, cited Canada as one of the countries that implemented Martial Law in certain areas in order to capture perpetrators who were obstruction to peace and order.

“Dito sa Canada almost 3 times din na nag declare ng Martial law nung kapanahunsn ng ama ni Justine Traudue. Localized in certain areas ma may treat sa public ang proclaimed Martial law . Ginawa yun ng Prime Minister para mahuli mga nanggugulo. He did a good job kaya kahit gaano kalaki ang Canada at iba ibang lahi nandito it is a very peaceful country until now.”

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Source: I am Pinoy, Proud Ako Facebook page

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